Age and MAG-10 usage

I was wondering about the average age of those taking MAG-10. I’m only 22 yrs old and was wondering if taking MAG-10 at such an early age is worth it. I’m already 6’, 215 lbs, but I wanted to try this stuff out.

Sure, MAG-10 is very effective for guys your age. Why wouldn’t it be?

It depends. If you’ve been training hard and well for several years, and the reason you’re this size is largely because of your training, not because you’re a guy who’s naturally that size without training, then MAG-10 will make a dramatic difference in your speed of results. If on the other hand you’re new to training, or haven’t been training seriously, having been almost this big anyhow, then I’d recommend buckling down with serious training and good nutrition and seeing where that will take you first.

The reason for this is that if androgens are used before good training and nutrition practices are established, then even very bad training will be rewarded with good results, reinforcing the poor training methods.