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Age aint nothing but a number...

t-men, check out this link i am posting below. in discussing the topic of human ageing, someone provided me with the following link of a 67 year old man who is in better shape than 95% of 21 year olds…it boggled my mind…
comments, thoughts, etc.??

Definitely inspirational! That’s MY goal (when I’m 67…)

You can find another “old” guy in good shape at:

Also check out Frank Zane. His goal for his sixty birthday is to weight 195 at 4% body fat.
Me, I try to maintain between 185 and 200 with body fat between 5% to 12%. I am still trying to add some size to my arms and calves and plan to try MAG-10 soon.
I also regularly running paracourses, max the Army fitness test for the strongest group, rock climb, hiking and am working toward my Black belt in Aikido. I hope to keep this up as long as possible.
One work of warning, don’t let yourself get out of shape. It is a bitch getting back into shape.
Keep on Training.

I can only hope to be as strong and healthy as these guys at their age! (I’m working in it…I’ll just have to see how things work out, huh?)

The only frustrating thing about Bass has been his tendency to not present more principals. What he has to offer is invaluble to give us a glimpe of health and aging (along with Zane…I agree…check him out…)…but they are often glimpses of his personal diets and workouts (often in extreme detail) without giving us a lot of principals that we can transfer to our own individual circumstances. There are some…and maybe he expects us to figure out more on our own. But laying out in detail his personal diet and aerobic schedule would mean a lot more when accompanied by the principal behind them. Maybe with time that will change…