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Age 78, Last 6 Months of Training

Greetings friends. I am reporting on the last 6 months
training, on the probably conceited idea that the people on
this site will be old enough one day to be interested how it
goes when you are over the hill.
Sure enough I am far weaker than the people training here,
including the oldies, but we all have to work from where we
This 6 months began with a 3 month recovery block, all sets
done with light weights to restore body and mind.

The program was 2 workouts a week, each with 2 of the 4
exercises done for 5 singles, then 5 sets of 5, then 5 sets of 10.
These were followed by 10 sets of 2-3 reps of one of the
olympic lifts, and 10 sets of flexing single joint exercises.

So that was 50 sets of easy weights. Ended Dec 27, 2018. There
was a gentle increase in intensity all the time. There were 22
workouts amongst the disruptions.

The Olympic Deadlift / Press on back tonnage went from 10,660 k
to 13,337 k. Press /Squat 9,084 k to 12,736 k. Didn’t mean I
got any stronger, just increased training weights a bit.

Starting January this year began a program with oldie low
volume and heavier weights. Very slow increases in weights
planned for the whole year.
Paused breathing sq started at 80 k for 10, now at 22 reps.
Weight to jump when I get 25 reps.
Breathing squat started at 90 k for 20, now at 96 k.
I started with jerk triples 35 k : power clean doubles 42.5 k :
clean & press 35 k for 5, 37.5 k for 3 : power snatch 30 k for 3 :
power JBN 42.5 k for 2 : olympic deadlift 85 k for 5.

My targets for the year are Breathing sq 110 k, Clean and Press
55 k, olympic deadlift 115 k for 5, sets of 20 ab rollouts on
knees and some standing.
On my flexing bodybuilding exercises the plan is to work up
to 2 sets of 15, then increase weight.

Because in my country, men who have a V shape are admired,
& men who have a pear shape are looked down on, and also
for health and longevity reasons, I strictly keep my weight
down to 85 k, mainly by the 5/2 diet.
When I don’t, my weight rends to rise about a pound a week.
This would be nice for strength gainz, but I cannot afford
to have a bulk up season, as old skin don’t shrink well once
it’s stretched, & I don’t want to be covered in wrinkles.
Also I move pretty quick thru workouts because my
sport operates on 2 minute rests between attempts.

So, having boasted about what i’m gunna do, if
sarcopenia cuts me down this year, i’ll have to
admit i’m a pussy at years end.


For the record I think it’s impressive your still hitting it at 78 !

Good motivation for us younger guys.

Good on you 76’er, impressive stuff.

Thank you bulldog, biker, and alphonsus for your kind words.

Of course we are brothers, & committed to the physical culture way of life. The years pass quickly, and before you know it you will be older than i am, and still lifting weights i can only dream about.

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Hats off to you, you are a genuine badass sir.

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No thanks needed! Hats off to you sir!

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Good on you mate, be safe, and enjoy!

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Thank you Leo, and again Bulldog and Red. It’s nice when people encourage. My breathing squat has reached 101 k. So far, so good.

Thank you for posting this. I think it helps all of us who’ve already discovered how quickly the years pass. A favorite song line goes “time doesn’t take long…three kids up and gone…I wasn’t expecting that.”

I don’t think any of us were expecting things to move so quickly!

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