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Age 42. TRT, No Script for Hcg or AI

Hi - So i Am 42 on TRT about a month through my family GP.

My dose is 100mg/week Test c in 2 shots a week, .5 cc each shot self injected.

When we originally discussed TRT he was open to an AI but not until i had started the Shots and blood tests demonstrated High Estrodial.

5 weeks in and my testosterone level is up to 587 (From 420 scale is 253-829) but my estrodial 17 pg/ml (scale just says >42) so on the low side and i don’t imagine an AI is in order.

I Feel good and don’t want the estrogen any lower but wanted to confirm it is ok to not be on an AI.

The second issue is with regard to the HCG. As this is simply not an option at this point (although my DR did say he would consult with a urologist on it) should i be trying to find ancillary sources in the USA (i am in canada so it is not easy to just get some legally), or is it ok to hold off on the HCG for now and see what they come up with in 3 months when i see him again.

Thanks for the input, i have been reading the posts for a long time but not posted before.

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Actually you want your E2 between 22-30 pg/mL for optimal E2 levels as yours is low, anything below 20 is low so you want to give yourself more room. You could actually do well with a small dosage increase without the need for an AI, that is unless you go on HCG.

GP in Canada, not a bad protocol and doctor is open to an AI if needed. Nice!

I’m in Canada and my urologist put me on 200mg once every 2 weeks but he okayed me going 50mg every 3.5 days when I asked him. He made no mention of an AI or HCG but I’m done with kids. I will see what labs show for Estradiol, pre test it was perfect at 22. He wouldn’t let me go SubQ but did mention some of his patients do it against his advisement so I took that as a green light and will tell him in 3 months I couldn’t handle the horse pins as he scripted me a box of 18 gauge 1 1/2 " needles with 3ml syringes. LMAO My first ever pin was with his nurse showing me how and I did my quad with that torture device. hahaha I got my own box of 25 gauge 5/8 and do subq into belly fat.

I was wondering about how to increase the E2 thanks for the suggestions of the larger t dose. I am really pleased with my GP’s openness to TRT and was quite surprised he was good with frequent small doses and AI if needed.

We will see what happens with HCG in a few months from him.

Should i be trying to find another source for HCG right away or is it ok to wait the 3 months for him? I am not concerned about fertility or looks, just the shutting down of my system.


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BTW, I’m in Ottawa and I too was surprised at how easily TRT was provided for me. Same GP to urologist? LOL

Im in wester canada and had looked into the going to the USA and paying for treatment and all the hassle of crossing the border every month. I mentioned it to my DR and after he checked my blood and symptoms he was really good about it. But it is a much more conservative process and not as easy as getting on TRT as in the USA. But i believe i am in good hands and he is taking my concerns re my HPPG system seriously.

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Wild, same with me. I was resigned to driving to New York State and going it alone, did all the research, priced it all etc… LOL Then my GP finally let me have a consult with a urologist and he was gold.

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Did your DR mention subQ or did he give you those monster needles for IM?

No - they gave me 23 g needles for IM injection (same needle for draw and inject) but i did the SQ route on my own.

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Looks like West is Best. Are you with a GP, uro or endo?

An going through the same think about HCG. Not concerned about fertility. So I introduced HCG after 2 months on injections and it put my e2 way high. So not sure acute long-term hcg.?? Is it worth doing ai for HCG?

That is a good question. I prefer to be on less medication than more and i hate needing a medication to counteract another medication.
But, the bigger issue is the exogenous testosterone shutting your pituitary system down. The HCG is supposed to prevent that, so what is more important then - not being on an AI or not shutting down your HPPT?

I have GP who is consulting with a urologist re the pituitary system

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With HCG the pituitary is still shut down. HCG goes directly to the LH receptors.
Let me know what they say

Wait…they gave you 18g needles…to inject into your body? Is your doctor Eli Roth??

Yep, nurse made a V shape up my quad with her hand, from the knee up and said “inject in this area.” 18 gauge 1 1/2 inch needle. Canadian doctors are retarded. Wasn’t bad, actually, but I much prefer no holes in my muscles and 2 little needles twice a week into belly.

I shuddered when I read that. I think I’m sore just thinking about it.

DHEA raises E2 for some guys.

Doing a quick look for DHEA - seems like it is a banned substance in canada so requires a prescription. is it available in the US

Yes. Over the counter. In stores. And Amazon

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