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Age 30: First Week In

Went and got my panel done and came to find out that my t-level was REALLY low. I think it was a 215 or 235. Before getting the tests completed, I suspected that my t-level was dropping, because I wasn’t walking around like a horn ball for quite some time. For a year or two, I attributed to being married and getting older. I could appreciate a hot babe, but when my pants stopped dragging me towards their direction, I knew something was up-- not to mention my wife crying over the fact that I wasn’t attracted to her anymore.

I’m only one week in. Before treatment, physically, I had no reason to think that my level was low. I was 200 lbs at 18% bf, and I was breaking PRs consistently. But after losing my interest in sex and not caring about anything but working out anymore, I decided to go get help.

Anywho, here’s to my first week of treatment and hoping that my libido comes back. I’ll post updates here.

Week 1: Got a test injection and two hcg injections. Not feeling anything yet.

Interested in your results. Pretty much the same issue with me. Going to be 31 in March, been battling low to zero sex drive with my wife for almost 2 years (not an attraction issue, I married up for sure). Test level at 269, hight 6’2" about 20% body fat. I CrossFit and olympic weight lift and do pretty well at those and seem to have decent energy levels. Doc prescribed me Androgel 1.62 with 2 pumps per day. Picking up the script tomorrow. He recommended the gel over injections due to “spiking” and insurance not keen on at home administration. Any ideas or thought are highly appreciated.

Second week: Starting to feel it ptown. Walking around any where and my d is like a guided missile. Doc is hitting me hard though. 1,000mg of test cypionate and .2 and .2 cc of hcg per week and now in the second week, I am feeling it. The cypionate is slow releasing, but I haven’t been on it long enough to know if there are spikes or not. Mood is much better. I’m not quite back to who I use to be just yet, but it’s coming. I have no at home administration except for the second dose of hcg. The test is admined by the doc and so is the first hcg injection.

Third week: Got my third injection today. My bad. It wasn’t 1000 mg. It’s 200mg. I guess with the sesame oil and the rest of the mixture, it equals 1000mg. In any event, I walked around wanting to stick it every woman I saw today. I had to wait until the late afternoon for my wife to come home, but when she did, the first thing I did was do her like a porn star. I feel great. I am finally getting back in tune with my businesses, y studies and my family. I hope it stays this way.