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Age 28, Low Test and Libido


I am highly active person been going to gym 8 years now and still going 4-5 days a week.
I used of course why proteins,cretain,amino acids,BCAA,zma fat burners etc.
Didnt have any issues since ........

So ı have been having low -t effets like 3 months now.When I felt this was,I was low in libido,and went to urology...

So test were very low for my age... 

Free T = 6,98 pg/ml
Total T = 3,8  ng/ml

So my doctor advised me nebido which ı took in NOvember,and I have been using proviron sice than.

I took another test just last week and this not helped me...

The new test is :

Total T = 375 ng/dl
Free  T = 7,09 ng/dl
SHBG    =  34,79 nmol/L
E2 = 54pg/ml which ref. Is 7-43
TSH      =  2,09
FSH      =  0,42 mIU/ml
LH         =  2,74 mIU / ml
TOtal 25 OH Vitamın D   =    15  ng/ml (  I am taking now 4000uni of Vitain D3  daily)

This test were from another lab and doctor and this endo told me that there is nothing wrong and the Testosterone will keep it up.

I will go another doctor but really dont know what to do and reading a lot here so if you can advise me in some point..

So went on hrt place and dr gave me this
Hcg 1000ui x2 per week
Arimidex 0.5mg x2 per week


Can you get testosterone cypionate or ethanate?

I have never seen a good outcome with nebido.

Do not inject 1000iu hCG twice a week. Are you meant to stop injecting T with that? Is the intent to see if your HPTA can be restarted?

TSH is too high.

  • have you been using iodized salt for years [or are you iodine deficient?]
  • check your oral body temperatureS when you first wake up AND mid-afternoon [BOTH]

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Your TRT is very ineffective.
FSHÂ Â Â =Â 0,42 mIU/ml
LHÂ Â Â Â Â =Â 2,74 mIU / ml
Both LH and FSH should be near zero when on TRT!

Do you have LH/FSH from before TRT?


I never wanted nebido but i was shocked of low rest and i was afraid and did the injection.didnt have any idea dr told me so i did…
I dont want another test injection i just want to be back normal…this low libido started after summer so it s quite new and again never used streoid before.but used all other supplements


A hCG replacement dose for normal amounts if LH is 250iu SC EOD. Higher doses of hCG can cause high levels of T–>E2 inside the testes and anastrozole cannot change that inside the testes.

Is you total fasting cholesterol low? <=160