Age 23. Low T, High E, Low FSH

Im 23 years Guy from czech (so excuse my english)
Height - 195cm
Waist -95cm
Weight - 90kg
Fully developed body hair on waist down area with still growing chest hair. About beard… I have nice thick beard around mouth but sides are still bad but also still growing.
Im skinny fat type so a carry most of fat on my belly and lower back area (love handels) I also suffer with gynecomastia type 1.
I have astma sine my 5 years i think. I also feel a symptoms of low T such brain fog , low energy lvls, no morning wood (or how u call it here)since i turn to 20s .

I had a delay puberty. Almost every signs of puberty starts in my 16. I met an idiot in my 15 which gave me some pills to block estrogen lvls because of my gyno but without any change. Than he said its ok and stop a treatment.
I still look like 2-3 years younger than guys in my age.
No drugs or alcohol. No special medics. No treatment yet.

There is my blood work and ref.:
FSH 1.16 IU/l (0.70-11.10)
Lh 3.56 IU/l (0.80-7.60)
Testosteron 16.700 nmol/l (2.500- 29.600)
Estradiol 150.00 pmol/l (0.00 - 206.00)

Im still waiting for freeT and dhea results.

Thank you guys for your time and im looking forward to read your advices.

Why are your posting two threads an hour apart, did you age one year already in the span of an hour? In any case you T is already too low for your age, the problem is getting doctor to think for themselves and not fixate on numbers on a piece of paper.

Sorry i tought that this thread is not added because of my internet lost conection so i created new one just with different name. This one is correct.

Thanks for your answer. In my country is Hard to get doctor who will cure you if you are in ranges but as you said there is problem. Do you have any idea where exactly could be a problem? And is there any possible way to cure it natural ?
Thank you

Doctors must also realize if you come in at the bottom of the ranges most guys will be symptomatic and these labs tests aren’t terribly accurate to begin with, so it’s always a good idea to offer treatment to guys in these low-normal ranges. Most good doctors here in the USA offer TRT to those below 500 ng/dL since there are so many diseases below 440 ng/dL.