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Age 21 5'9" 180lbs, Top Priorities?

Looking for a body fat % estimate as well as what should be top priorities. Hoping to eventually compete in classic physique sometime in the future. Any feedback is appreciated!

Decent physique overall and with a bit more work you’ll be having fun in classic.

Who gives a flying fuck about an arbitrary number that’ll probably be inaccurate anyways. The main thing is that you’ll need to leaner to be ready for a comp.

While you could cut down and compete now you’d probably not be competitive. Go on a decent slow mass gaining phase for all body parts. Hard to tell just from the pics/poses you’ve posted where your weaknesses lie… maybe chest, lats and traps (not by much tho so still everything should be bigger)?

Post front, side and back “relaxed” pics and all the mandatory poses (you’re missing side chest) for better feedback

So eat in a small surplus, use whatever program gets you progress and lift more over time = muscle gains. ez

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Decent back, legs and lats which is a nice change! Looks like you can go a bit bro now and bring up your chest, shoulders and guns.

Thank you both for the input. This was my first time posting and next time I’ll be sure to hit all the mandatory poses.

Not lean enough for a competition, lean enough to be in a good place to put on some muscle. The number doesn’t matter, its relative.

As mentioned already, more muscle overall to place well in physique, particulary chest, arms and delts based on current judging.

Your structure is good, wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Your inserts are good and flatter you in the front double bi, though your back double bi shows your arm weaknesses.