Afterworkout Beer

I know this may be kind of counterintuitive, but how does beer fare as a post workout drink? Say you had a chicken with veggies and 2 beers after you workout. It provides you with simple carbs, and you get to drink beer without feeling guilty.

What do you guys think?

A German i know does it after running. Says it helps flush his kidneys. alright, if you say so.

Beer is carbohydrates, right? So as long as it’s post-workout WITH proteins it should benefit you…

Look, there’s no way to rationalize beer, or any other alcohol. It’s not going to help replenish muscle glycogen any better than a snickers bar or a chocolate cake, it’s thermic effect won’t burn any more calories. If you want to admit to yourself, “okay, this isnt the healthiest thing for me, but you know what? I want a f—ing beer,” then go ahead and crack open a few.

What’s the story on alcohol in general? I heard it was bad for androgen production.

The problem with beer is not the carbs, its the alcohol. When you drink, you will burn alcohol and NOT fat or carbs. Also, there is a large amount of calories in the alcohol itself. You could try a non-alcoholic beer but thats like pissing in the wind.

If you need to rationalize drinking beer after working out, you may need to go to some meetings. Seriously.

If you don’t mind having a beer belly after all that hard training, I’d say beer post workout is fine.

I always thought that ALL beers are low in carbs and that the majority of the calories come from alcohol.


thank you (all) for correcting me. it’s the alcohol that has the calories… at any rate, i’m gonna go flush my kidneys now :slight_smile:

I heard that Ahnold used to drink a pitcher of beer and eat a chicken after working out, and his physique wasn’t too bad eithah.

isnt beer (alcohol in general) supposed to keep T levels up post workout? i think i read that in an old “News and Reader Mail” article in T-mag. anway, even if this is true, booze also slows protein synthesis and fat burning, plus it dehydrates and depletes minerals. id say stay away from the beer post workout. however, one or two beers isnt all that bad. consider it part of a cheat meal and indulge once or twice a week

Is this thread for real? If it is, well son of a bitch! Here’s my new get rick quick scheme. I will begin manafacturing and selling post workout recovery drinks with alcohol. Basically it will be 40 proof Surge, but I won’t really tell you guys the ingredients.

But really, DFQ. When I used to party, I would drink my regular post workout drink and then WAIT two or more hours before having any alcohol or food.

Bastard F*ck Guy

[quote]CU AeroStallion wrote:
I heard that Ahnold used to drink a pitcher of beer and eat a chicken after working out, and his physique wasn’t too bad eithah.[/quote]
I think it was two chickens, two pitchers of beer and dbol post workout.

maybe the 1 pitcher and 1 chicken was pre workout…

Alchohol is so toxic that when it goes into your system your liver stops processing everything else to concentrate on clearing it from your system. Thats the reason why it is so easy to overdose when combining any drug with alchohol. I don’t think one beer will kill you. But immediately after you have just taxed your metabolism with a workout, throwing a deadly poison like alchohol into it probably will interfere with your recovery and slow your gains.


John Berardi wrote this in ‘The Big T part II’

"Although Flintstones vitamins probably do not impact T, many recreational, prescription, and OTC drugs do. Lets start with everyone’s favorite drug, alcohol. In my opinion, alcohol is the single best legal Testosterone suppressor known to mankind. And you don’t need a biochemistry experiment to realize that. Just look at the physique of any alcoholic for the evidence. And not only do chronic alcoholics suffer from low T as a result of sippin’ a cold one. Numerous studies have shown that even one night on the town can cause T levels to plummet.

In one particular study, men consumed the equivalent of giving 200 ml of alcohol to a 176-lb man. While intoxicated, T levels were 25% lower on average than before consumption. In addition, the time course of T decrease correlated exactly with blood alcohol so when blood alcohol was the highest, blood T was the lowest.(17) With even lower doses, T levels remained suppressed for 10-16 hours, even after blood alcohol returned to normal.(23,24)

As a side note, one question I’m often asked by men concerns why they get so aroused when drinking. Well gents, in addition to the decrease of inhibitions, the body is fighting to maintain Testosterone homeostasis. As a result, high amounts of LH are released in order to bring T levels back to normal. As mentioned earlier, LH is correlated more with arousal than T, so that’s why you get horny, you dogs. The problem, though, is that high LH secretion is ineffective at increasing T during an alcoholic stupor. Alcohol, you see, prevents T production at the Leydig cell level and not at the pituitary level. So you’re arousal is up, but T stays down."

[quote]CoachMorris wrote:
If you need to rationalize drinking beer after working out, you may need to go to some meetings. Seriously.[/quote]

Get off your high horse Coach Morris. Some of us like to enjoy a cocktail after work, and i just wanted to know how bad it was for me and if working out before hand mitigated any of the negative effects.

What’s best to drink to limit the damage to the diet/ T levels? Spirits don’t contain the carbs that wine does but I always found that I had to drink a larger quantity of alcohol to get the same effect from spirits as from wine.

I hardly drink at all now but i’ve organized a birthday party/5th date for my girl tomorrow and am looking forward to just a couple of drinks to celebrate!

I was in the parking lot of a bar last week making out with three really cute 24 year old girls. Being that I’m 42 and I’m average looking, I realize
there was only one thing that made this possible fun night possible:


God Bless beer.

In moderation, of course.