AfterBurn Training

Anyone try Afterburn Training Program from Cosgrove?

yep. it’s great. does exactly what it is supposed to do, make you lose fat and maintain muscle.

Since the first time I did it I have adapted it to my preferential form of training but it really did work very well for me.
Since I am fairly advanced in training years I prefer a bit more work but the way it is set up is very good. Doing complexes BEFORE my weight training made a big difference for me (counter intuitive for me) and I had never done ‘finishers’.

Great stuff.

Side note: I own Afterburn II not I so I am not sure what the differences are.

But certainly worth the investment, I thought.

Best of luck,


thanks Marc. I may pick it up. for now Ived added complexes (6 sets) at the end of each training day.

Good idea, experiment a little with complexes and where they fit in best for you.
Personally I do them BEFORE a session. It is a great warm up and it gets the heart going throughout the entire training session WITHOUT impeding my strength and muscle endurance. Just a thought.