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Afterburn Fat Loss Progress Log


Hello everyone,I started weight training in September 2007. I had NEVER trained in my life before and ate like crap. Modified my ways thanks to my roommate in college (also a member here).

My starting stats:
Date: 09/10/2007
Weight: 165
bf: 30%
DB flat bench: 35 x 5
DB seated shoulder: 17.5 x 5
Deadlift: 195x 5
front squat: 105 x 5
hammer Iso Row: 70 (each side) x 5
Lat pull down: 70 x 5
DB bicep curl: 20 x 5
DB lateral raise: 10 x 5
Plate-loaded Leg Press: 290 x 5

Current stats:
Date: 11/10/2007
Weight: 175
bf: 25%
DB flat bench: 50 x 5
DB seated shoulder: 35 x 3
Deadlift: 215x 5
front squat: 115 x 5
hammer Iso Row: 100 (each side) x 5
Lat pull down: 120 x 5
DB bicep curl: 30 x 3
DB lateral raise: 17.5 x 5
Plate-loaded Leg Press: 420 x 5

Following "Destroying Fat" by CT, but tring to add some muscle rather than cut down. Also due to schoolwork, I miss one lactate session (the first one) but will add it once I free up some time.

Tuesday: Upper body strength
A1: DB flat bench press 5 x 5
A2: Pec deck flies 5 x 5
A3: Hammer Iso Rows 5 x 5
A4: Lat pull downs 5 x 5

Hammer incline press 1 x 5
Widowmaker set (20 reps) hammer wide press
widowmaker set (20 reps) hammer iso lat pulldown

Friday: Lower body strength
A1: Front squat 5 x 5
A2: Hammer V squat 5 x 5
A3: Deadlift 5 x 5
A4: Lying leg curl 5 x 5

Sunday: Lactate session.
A1: Hammer iso bench press 3 x 10
A2: Hammer Iso Row 3 x 10
A3: Nautilus Leg Press 3 x 10
A4: Leg curl 3 x 10
A5: Kneeling cable curls 3 x 10

B1: Seated DB shoulder press 3 x 5
B2: Lat pulldown 3 x 5
B3: Leg Extension 3 x 8
B4: Leg curl 3 x 8
B5: Roman chair leg raises 3 x 5

C1: DB bicep curl 2 x 5
C2: DB lateral raise 2 x 5
C3: Assisted Tricep dip 2 x 5

Diet: 3000 calories training days, 2500 non training days.
Meal 1: P + C
Meal 2: P + C
Meal 3: PWO shake (40g protein, 60g carbs)
Meal 4: P + C
Meal 5: P + F
Meal 6: P + F

I am currently a lacto vegetarian, but take fish oil, and if I go for too long with insufficient progress, I am willing to make changes and add eggs (and maybe meat) to my diet.

Supplements: whey protein, fish oil, multivitamin.

Will include full diet details in my next post. Will use this to detail my training and progress.

Any suggestions on diet, approach, etc will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


IMO if you want muscle mass and are not eating meat or eggs; there's not much to do.

How much whey do you think is possible to eat without ingesting the necessary fat for it to be used for muscle building and not energy source??

bodybuilding or powerlifting with lacto vegetarianism don't mix well.


Hold on a second...

You think you gained 10lb and dropped 5% bodyfat in two months?

And you were 30% bodyfat at 165lb? Are you 4'11" ?


I am 5'6", likely an endomorph (currently) and 22 years old and had NEVER worked out in my life. I grew up on the traditional indian diet of white rice (and more white rice) for all my life. I used to drop weight (and only get smaller) by jogging and cardio. I came here to the US as a grad student, and thats when my roommate (another member) told me to lift weights and I have seen improvements since. I wanted to cut calories but since I had no muscle mass, I decided to set an intake as described earlier and work on increasing poundage each session.

My bf% was measured using the OMRON handheld body fat tester. The only reason I gained muscle and lost body fat is because of a complete lack of training history, and my starting a serious diet with exercise program for the last couple of months.


I avoid meat currently only because I never had any when I was in India. My roommate is completely meatatarian and I am not averse to eating meat soon. I am thinking of adding eggs soon. I read Berardi's work and am planning to take coconut oil to get 10% of my calories form saturate dfat every day. Also I eat LOTS and LOTS of peanuts and also some flaxseeds and fish oil caps for the fat intake.
My typical P+F meal is:
60 peanuts
1 boca veggie burger (4g fiber, 14g protein)
1 2% string cheese (7g protein)
1/2 scoop whey (11g protein)

typical P+C meal is:
1 whole wheat bagel (8g fiber, 12g protein)
1 boca veggie burger
1/2 scoop whey
1 tbsp peanut butter

breakfast is: (P+C)
1/2 cup (dry) couscous
1 scoop whey
1 banana

Post Workout shake
1.5 scoops whey
2 cup fat-free chocolate milk

Solid meal 1 hour after post workout
Subway veggie MAX burger AND 1/2 scoop whey
BAgel and veggie burger with 1/2 scoop whey
1/2 cup couscous + 1 scoop whey

BEfore BED
1 scoop muscle milk+1/2 scoop whey+1 string cheese


Welcome to the nation. You have a very well laid out plan for this point in your training life. I can only be envious of the progress you are about to make over the years. This is the best single site for training knowledge ever. Of course, you shouldn't use it as the only source of training info--reading widely is important.

My primary piece of advice is to ditch the machines. You're doing entirely too much machine work. Entirely. You will make much faster progress if you ditch as many as you can and replace them with dumbbell or cable versions. You'll have to drop the weight more likely than not, but trust me, you'll improve much faster. Also, for the Lower body strength day, you want the deadlift to be the first or second exercise along with squats. Stick both machine exercises at the end.

I've gotta say, I don't think I've ever seen a bagel with 8g of fiber. At any rate, you've got things planned out ok, I'd suggest throwing in some other kinds of nuts for fat intake, for varietys sake. There's always room for improvement, but you're better off than 99% of newbies everywhere at this point.


I am reading all the articles. This is new stuff for me. I have been consulting my roommate rbpowerhouse for helping me out since we both faced the same problems initially, but he will leave State College soon after graduating.
I'll do what you said: My new circuit will be:
A1: Front Squat
A2: Deadlift
A3: V-squat
A4: Leg Curl
As you suggested.

As for the bagel, I eat Thomas Whole wheat bagels


The nutrition stats:
Fat: 2g
Sat Fat: 1g
Carbs: 55g
Fiber: 8g
Sugar: 8g
Protein: 12g
Calcium: 10%
Iron: 15%

I'll try adding walnuts, but they're not as addictive as peanuts :slight_smile:

Thanks Aragorn, I have a long way to go and the rest of my life to get there.

Details of today's lactate session will be posted soon.


The details of my lactate session today :

A1: Hammer iso bench press 2 x 10, 1x 9 (45 on each side)
A2: Hammer Iso Row 1 x 10 2 x 8
A3: Nautilus Leg Press 3 x 10 (400lb, 410lb, 440lb)
A4: Leg curl 1 x 10, 2 x 8
A5: Kneeling cable curls 3 x 5 ( with bad form)

B1: Seated DB shoulder press (32.5 x 3 (arnold) , 35 x 4, 37.5 2)
B2: Lat pulldown 2 x 10 (105, 120 )
B3: Leg Extension 3 x 8
B4: Leg curl 3 x 8
B5: Roman chair leg raises 1 x 5, ab crunches 1x10, leg press 1 x 10 (450)

C1: DB bicep curl 1 x 5 (27.5 x 5)
C2: DB lateral raise 1 x 5 (17.5 x 5)
C3: Assisted Tricep dip ( I was not able to do them properly even with assist. Need to work hard on them)
Thanks for reading.


I am taking a week off. I will post the details of my workout on tuesday.

Thanks for reading


I am beginning Chad Waterbury's ABBH program tomorrow. Will keep logging workouts.
My plan is to finish ABBH I and then II, deload and then try a more strength-oriented program like 5 x 5 before returning to Hypermetabolism with a caloric deficit.
On to ABBH -
Diet: 3500 calories training days, carbs morning and post WO.
3000 calories w/ light cardio (walk for an hour) off days.
Whey, fish oil, multi supplements, Animal M Stak.


Hi all,

I fell ill soon after my last post, and could not start ABBH as I planned. That threw me off the track, and I took a rather long (bad) break (Till the end of my finals in the last week of December).

In the first week of January, I started Ripptoe's Starting strength. I started light, and I progressed on the weights. My progress on various lifts is:
(I followed the 3x5 format strictly, with 60 sec rest intervals)

Back Squats: 95lb -> 155lb.
DB Bench: 30lb DBs -> 50lb DB
barbell pendlay rows: 70lb -> 105lb
Seated shoulder press: 25lb -> 32.5lb
(I Found it really hard to progress on military)
Deadlift: 135 lb -> 205 lb.

I also did the accessory work recommended,dips and pullups (assisted).

However, I injured my knee badly in a fall, and could not squat for the last 10 days.In this time, I did some cardio and only upper body work.I gained decent amount of muscle with Rippetoe but added a little too much fat to the what I already had.

I am now thinking about starting AFTERBURN, get rid of some flab, and then bulk.

I need help from the members of T-Nation. My evenual plan is to get huge (bigger the better) and eventually rest around 10-12% body fat.

Please let me know if I am on the right track, and what will be a good idea for me to do at this point.

And enjoy the weather, y'all.


Welcome back. This time stick to a serious program with a well-defined goal in mind, eat accordingly and progress.
And record your progress on a workout log.


The best idea is to stick with Rippetoe. Your profile states that you weigh 175. Let's say you are lean at 150-5. Do you really want to weigh that little of an amount? You say you want to pack on some size? Keep adding muscle and the body fat you have will become less noticeable.

Keep lifting heavy and eating for size and strength. Military is the first exercise you will inevitably stall on (remember reading that?).

If you want to get rid of the chub, then keep doing the cardio and reduce your daily caloric intake by 300 calories.

I really don't think you've given Starting Strength enough time to work. I'm in my sixth week still gaining size, still progressing. You can do it.


I agree with The Dude, give Rippetoe a chance. It's especially relevant where you are coming back from a layoff. You can lose fat while on Rippetoe but it's all in the diet. Afterburn will certainly work but whatever you chose, stick with it.

Also, read this article that is in keeping with what u_mombooto said: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/02/080204094505.htm



He mentioned he is around 30% body fat at 180 (via PM) on a height of 5'6". My guess is that he plans to get below 20% or so (lose 20 pounds) and then get back to rippetoe to add size and strength.


All right. I have ordered AFterburn (Cosgrove) and decided today to accompany my roommate for a Big Boy BAsics 3x8 upper body session. YES, I know, but I wanted to get back in the gym and get my feet wet before beginning Afterburn.
So here is what I did today:
Incline DB press 45 degrees
3 x 8 with 35lb DBs
(I did the first set with 40 but had to drop weights for the next two)
Seated cable rows 3 x 8
TRicep pushdowns 3 x 8
Bicep curls 3 x 8
Upright cable rows 3 x 8
Tomorrow I plan to do some cardio and the lower body 8 x 3 of BBB.
I do realize that I am not doing BBB but I repeat, I am getting back in the gym and not doing rippetoe because I am not allowed to bend my knee till the injury heals. By the time I begin Afterburn I will be able to do legs again.


Today,I accompanied my room mate to his BBB lower body workout. the details of my workout are:
Hack squats: 7x3 (235 lb). Couldnt do the last set.

Leg curls: 8x3

Roman chair leg raises :3x8 with a 7.5 DB.

Thanks for reading.




If anyone has specific diet suggestions/recommendations to be followed with the afterburn program, I'm all ears. Thank you.I am willing to low carb it as much as I can, and I don;t want to lose muscle with the program.


Hi all,
I started Aferburn today. These are the details of my workout today:

A1 Squats (125lb) 3x7
A2 T pushups 2x8 + 1x5

Step ups (bodyweight) 3x20
seated neck rows 3x7

(The only gym with the stability ball was closed today as it is the spring break, so I made some changes with this part).

C1 Supine hip extensions 3x6 (couldn't complete the 7 reps)
C2 Decline bench weighted situps 3x7.


(45% protein, 35% fat, 25% carbs)

Thanks for reading