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After WS4SB


I have used DeFranco's WS4SB for about the past 4 months and have seen some definite gains in strength and upper body size. I have also seen a decrease in the size of my quadriceps, which I think is partially responsible for my squat max stagnating. I'm about to start a modified version of the earlier program and I'm looking for feedback as to anything I'm missing or forgetting. I will be using traditonal and possibly snatch-grip deadlifts as my max effort exercise because my gym has nothing besides a squat rack and a few olympic bars with which to do a max exercise (IE no trap bar, no real power rack, and I haven't built a box yet) and I feel that I'm sort of burned out on doing a max squat every week with no variation. I should also mention my limb length lends itself to pulling as opposed to squatting. Additionally, my diet is "healthy" but not ideal because of protein restrictions (I have virtually no kidney function left and will be getting a transplant in May). Here is the template I'm thinking about using:

Monday - ME lower day
Deadlift variation, work up to 1-3 RM
Leg press 3x10-12 (have found this to be effective for hypertrophy but have skipped it for a long time)
Split lunges w/ dumbells 3x8
Pull-throughs 3-4x6
Leg raises w/ added resistance 3x6-12
Pulldown abs 3x8-10

Tuesday - ME upper day
Bench press work up to 1-3 RM
Chest-supported row 3-5X5
Military press 3-5x5
Rope pulls to neck 3x12-20
Weighted Dips 3x6-10

Thursday - RE lower day
Squats-possibly 5x5 @ 7RM, need advice
Large ROM Good mornings - 3x5-8
Leg curls (not many options, unfortunately) 3x6-10
Weighted sit-up variation 3x6-12
Ab machine or pulldown abs 3x6-12
Shrugs 3x4-8, focus on pausing and grip

Friday - RE upper day
DB chest press with about 50% bench RM - 3xMax reps (will wave weight week to week)
Chin-ups 3xMax reps
Decline close-grip bench 3x5-8
Rear delt flyes 3x10
Curl variation 3x6-12
Rope pulldowns 3x10-12

Will be doing some brief cardio/general activity stuff throughout the week, nothing too intense. Anything I'm missing?


Just a small suggestion that may help you add some size to your quads. On your RE lower day, try a different technique for squats, such as 1 1/2 squats, front squats with the heels elevated, speed skater squats, etc.

Good Luck!


I think you have a little too much volume on ME day with your max lift, leg presses, unilateral work and pull-throughs. If you can handle that than by all means go for it, but it seems like a little much to me. Of course, everybody's different.