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After Two Cycles.


So to start I did my first cycle which was 10 weeks of test e with arimidex eod, I gained 27 lbs which I didn't lose during or after pct, after 4 weeks of pct and 3 months after that I did another 16 week test e cycle to cut up with 5 weeks of tbol @50mg ed, I ended up gaining aroumd 5 more lbs but cutting my bodyfat around 5%. I'm 205lbs 12%bf and 5'7". The one odd thing is I never had erection problems since the first day of starting and till now, im currently on week 5 since last inject for that 16 week cycle and my libido is almost just as good as on.

What's the deal? From all that I've read I'm supposed to have the dick strength of a 70 year old and be depressed like a woman on her period but that hasn't happened throughout either of my cycles PCT's. The ony side effect I've had so far is my hair thinning and my nuts being slightly smaller on.


…So you want to know why you’re not having erection problems and why you are not depressed…?


Just like recovery is not guaranteed, neither are negative side effects. Common sense.