after training meal

I use supplements to supplement my eating style so does anyone know of any food/drinks that would be beneficial after a workout? I’m not interested in Surge but rather some kinds of food that won’t cost me as much money. Any help would be appreciated.

Your best bet as far as food is concerned is just some vegetables and chicken. Throw a breat or two of chicken on a George Foreman Grill and in 8 minutes or so it will be done. You get the protein that you need there. As far as vegetables are concerned, I go the cheap and easy route to the frozen food section, defrost some in the microwave and add a little fat free low carb italian dressing on top. Also drink a glass of non-fat milk, you need calcium after lifting. Real food like this is probably the cheapest rather than investing in protein/post-workout bars. If you are interested in that route though, my favorite are by a brand that I don’t think T-Mag has heard of yet… they are by Mannatech, they are called “protein bars” and have vitamins and minerals in them as well, but they are really good. I mean seriously good, I don’t buy them for myself anymore bc I literally eat them like candy bars. Goodluck, I hope this helped.

I think I remember reading somewhere (probably from T-Mag) that Dr. Serrano recommended someone who couldn’t afford any type of post-workout drink should use eggs as the best source of protein after working out…