After Training for Maximal Size

Hey folks.

Next month I’ll be finishing off a run at the “Training for Maximal Size”, and while my size is hardly maximal (I haven’t been eating enough, though I’ve been taking steps in the right direction) I’m quite pleased with how it went.

However, now I need to start thinking about what I’ll be doing after. I’ve tentatively sketched out a new workout plan, but I figured I’d run it past you guys first, to see if I’m missing anything huge or if it can be tweaked to be any better.

But first, me: I’m 27, 6’, 212-215lbs, a former fatty (250lbs two years ago with a 46" waist) who’s now just a little soft in the middle (34" waist), and I’ve been working out regularly for 2 years, but have only been reading T-mag for about 10 months, which is when my workouts really started taking off.

The reason why Maximal Size worked for me is that I work out in the morning before work and I usually only have an hour to spend in the gym. I like basic movements, and compound lifts (like deadlifts, squats, etc) are my favourite since I started doing them 10 months ago. Maximal Size was an intense, but relatively quick, work out that fit in very nicely with my lifestyle. I could get in and out of the gym in an hour almost exactly.

For my next program, I’m going to go back to a 5 sets by 8 reps routine but, as suggested in Maximal size, I plan to change the set/rep ratios every 4 weeks. My arms are my weak point, and I also feel like I’ve been neglecting my traps for the last few weeks as well, so I want to improve those.

I’ve planned a 5-day program:

Day 1: Deadlifts, seated rows, shrugs
Day 2: Incline DB Press, bench press (more to refamiliarize myself with the movement), shoulder press.
Day 3: Rest/cardio/swimming or karate
Day 4: Squat, straight-legged deadlift, seated or standing calf press
Day 5: pull-ups, weighted dips, isolated biceps work (curls, etc)

“Day 6” might be a rest day as well. I can get to the gym any day of the week, so a 5 or 6-day recurring program is no problem and is actually preferable to a “Monday - pec-deck machine, Tuesday - pull downs” type of routine.

As far as diet, I’ll be loosening up my carb intake in order to increase my calories. I’d like to start gaining weight again, now that my body fat is getting under control.

Specific questions I have:

Is this work out too similar to Maximal Size? I’ll be reusing a lot of basic movements, and I’d like to send my system a bit of a shock.

Should I be doing arm work more often?

Are there any glaring errors or problems that anyone can see that I’ve missed? Any recommendations?

I’m not a newbie, but I’m far, far, far from being seasoned. Long-term, I’ve got a pipe-dream of (once I feel I have a solid foundation in general fitness) going towards a power-lifting type of training program. If I’m not already over-the-hill, I’d love to compete in some small-time event one day. Does my routine work against that pie-in-the-sky goal?

Thanks in advance, folks.

Dude drop the volume and bring in the intensity. Focus on strength for your next cycle to rest your muscles, maximize your muscles tone and to illicit a super compensation effect. Read CT Mutation #3 article, and his newsletters for more info.