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After the Texas Method


Hey guys Im using the texas method right now. Mainy for the squat and its working great! My Max squat was 275 and by week 8 I hope to hit a 315 triple. I dont know if others have experienced this but on the texas method did anyone feel like there deadlift didnt go up every fast (i hit it on intensity) its been about 5 weeks and i have only got 1 more rep with 365 (4). Did anyone else experience this? Is there any good deadlift routines that people have used that worked!? Thanks guys


I've had great success with 5/3/1. In all of the core lifts actually.


When I used the texas method for about 8 weeks my squat went up from about 275 to 405. Admittedly, a lot of this strength was muscle memory. My deadlift got worse. I also had a minor overuse injury in my right hip and I think this was from squatting 3x a week. I was also squatting with a VERY wide stance and I think this is the main reason I had the injury.

In retrospect, the Texas method worked VERY well for me and increasing my squat, but I injured myself from too wide of a stance. I think if I had narrowed my stance or just let it heal and not tried to push through it I would have avoided the injury.