After the pendulum

I’m about to conclude my 2nd week of pendulum bb. Made some serious gains, but I’m on some considerable amount of gear. Therefore it’s hard to tell what did it. I will say I liked the variety the program offered and will definitely keep it as one to go back to. Anyway, I plan on doing some arm specialization work (probably edt)and the power look. Any one have any other suggestions? I’m still on another 4 weeks so I don’t have to cut back volume/intensity just yet.

training with maximal weights. issue #1

Thanks P-dizzle. 13 more days until I’m in Newport. It better warm up over there or else I’m gonna have to find a tanning salon. Although Met-rx gym probably has beds (that’s were I’m lifting). Anymore suggestions.

I would think growth surge part 2 would be good while on.

I was strongly considering that since I will have a large amount of time on my hands. Anyone else?