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After The Meet

Just a question about recuperation and focusing on the next workout cycle. What do you fellas who compete in powerlifting meets do the week following a meet for recovery? Do you stay out of the gym or go light to get soreness out? Please give info - I am very interested and need to find a good recuperation practice. Thanks again.


I’d also like to know this…

I have personally never done a meet, but from what I have seen most guys will get back in the gym for a few days and do some real light stuff that week.

Scott Cartwright squatted 1102 on a sunday and was back in the gym squatting and doing rack pulls on a tuesday, my point it I think everyone is different, but I would say most people to get in and do some bloodflow stuff the first week back.

Thanks for the info - please keep adding as you view this thread. Very curious and would like to know how soon some folks start to plug in new maxes and jump into programs. Im assuming 2 weeks but I post to find info. Thanks guys I really find this board to be very friendly and informative.