After The Flood: JDM135 Powerlifting In Paradise

R&R is TBD… in-laws flew in last night and are at my house this very moment! (I’m at work)
We shall see how the weekend goes.

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Yeah, I don’t mean to spook you on the testosterone thing. Many of the symptoms of it can be symptoms of other things, and can also simply just be having a bad time. But if you ever decide to look into it, it’s something to consider.

Local food in Hawaii is stuff like chicken katsu, kalib ribs, shoyu chicken, teriyaki beef, etc. All done with Aloha Shuyo: not kikkoman, haha. And, of course, it comes with mac salad and a scoop of rice. A loco moco is a treat as well: a grill hamburger patty, topped with an over easy egg and beef gravy, served on a bed of rice.


Wanted to add to this. Life stress has a way of dragging you down and many of the symptoms associated with stress are similar to low T. I am a little older than both you boys and have times where I just feel awful. Zero energy, zero tolerance, zero desire to want to go out or socialise. This is the times where I get most robotic and having a schedule keeps me going. My T levels are pretty solid for my age so no issue there for me.

I don’t even have any good advice to tackle this really. For me life moves on and eventually the stress passes and I find I am good again. Just make sure you don’t shut everyone out particularly those closest to you.


I did just eat this about an hour ago, haha! It was delicious. And not dissimilar to what i make myself at home, except i don’t do gravy.



Also kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon, ahi poke, portuguese sausage. Spam musubi and saimin are worth trying once. Also shave ice.

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Fyi @simo74 @T3hPwnisher not ignoring the discussion re: fatigue and T. I just have inlaws in town and mostly staying off the internet at this moment.

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4/1/2024 Monday
5/3/1 RP W3D1
5x185, 5x205, 5x235
20x185 - that really sucked as you might expect

5x145, 5x165, 5x185, 15-5-5x145
That felt awesome, the chest pump after was crazy. Why can’t I get squats to feel fun like bench haha

Pullups: +45lb: 4-2-2. Honestly should have gone for a 5th before the first rest-pause. But I feel like barfing during these. They are super badass though.

Triceps extensions, 50lb ez bar. 15-12-6 or who knows, I’m not really tracking.

Changed it up from the last two weeks: 3x5 toes-to-bar. Plan to increase volume on toes-to-bar over time.

Some glutes at the end since I had time.


Weekend update:
In-laws in town as I’ve stated. Two things stand out health-and-fitness related:
First: I paddled SO MUCH this weekend. Did a fair amount on Saturday, saw dolphins, got pretty close actually. Did an absolute TON on Sunday, honestly probably 2 hours or more cumulative paddling in a 4-hour beach trip. I’m thrilled that I am capable of that - the strength and stamina, even mobility required to do that.

Second: I think I need to be 100% gluten free. I mentioned to @T3hPwnisher that I had a Loco Moco and it was similar to what I eat except it had gravy. Well gravy is made with flour. And I had crazy cramping diarrhea a couple hours after. And then the next morning. And then again this morning. I think the gluten is the culprit and will be more careful to stay away from it for a while. If diarrhea stays away it’ll mean I finally figured it out after a lifetime.


It sucks you had to experience that dude! It does go to show the benefits of an elimination diet though: you can really nail down what does and does not cause you harm. Me cutting my life down to carnivore was really eye opening in that way: I can tell right away if something causes me issues now AND I can tell what things really benefit me.

Love hearing the stories of you just getting out there and living: THAT is why we do what we do. Lifting weights in the gym is cool and all: being able to BE a human is so much more meaningful.


Thanks man.
I didn’t take any pictures, I’d put them here if I did but I rarely even look at my phone during these outings. I’m at a (literally) world-class beach (in the top 10 worldwide) and no pics haha.
Incidentally this reminds me, when I pulled up on the beach I heard my MIL say “Look at those arms!” haha


4/3/2024 Wednesday
531RP W3D2
Deadlift: 5x205, 5x235, 5x265, 24x205
That last set was pretty great. Felt GOOD and pumpy in my upper back.

Press: 5x95, 5x105, 5x115, 8-2-2 x 95
The 115 set, same weight as last week, was absolutely all I could do to get the last rep. Press sucks. The down set was also disappointing but it is what it is. I gave it all I had, it just doesn’t happen to be much LOL.

Kroc rows:
80lb DB, 30 reps each side.

Biceps curls: 80LB ez bar. Something like 15, 5, 5. Sick biceps pump.

4x5 Toes-to-bar.

2x10 BSS, bw.
A set each of biceps and triceps.


4/5/2024 Friday
531 RP W3 D3 (unprogrammed day)

Started with glute focus:
3x10 BSS, bodyweight only
GHR machine (the kind where your legs swing back with a weight)
GHR bodyweight thing (the kind where your torso goes up and down with legs locked in)
Bad girl machine
Exaggerated SLDL in smith machine, from a deficit.

Leg extensions.

BTN press, several light sets
Cable laterals, several sets at different angles
Internal and external rotations on cable

Biceps curls at a variety of weights, angles, reps, and equipment.
Triceps extensions with similar variety.

I think that’s all.

As always, felt good to just come in and work non-systemically-taxing stuff.




Any new program coming soon ?? Did you land on a short term goal ?

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Thanks for asking!
I’ll do one more 3-week block of 5/3/1 RP (which only structures mon/wed and leaves Friday open).
After that, not sure. By June 1 ish i need to train seriously for the Spartan race in August, but May is up in the air. Maybe hypertrophy some more because that felt really good last time and would have me feeling vigorous for spartan training…


Annoying DOMS update:
My glutes are not sore despite my efforts. But my hams are very sore. Its obviously the SLDL that did it.

You know the answer



Damnit yes i do.


4/8/2024 Monday
531RP W4 D1
Started over repeating the cycle-1 weights.

5x155, 5x185, 5x205, 25x155
That 25 was an improvement over the 20 last time at the same wieght.

Bench press:
5x125, 5x145, 5x165
The RP reps were more on the first set (20 vs 18) but fewer total across the 3 minisets, comparatively.

Weighted Pullup:
+25lb, 8,4,4 an improvement as well.

Triceps extension
Used 60lb. Different position than last time. Also fewer reps. Was not pleasant and, I’ll say again, didn’t feel effective. (I really need to just pick a different triceps attack and substitute it for the rest of the program, than double-rest-pause-overhead-extension. This one just doesn’t do it for me.)

3x10 Toes to Bar. Damn that was hard. But a good change and will drive some adaptation.

Bonus work:
OK @simo74 I know they are necessary, so I did them.
BSS in the smith machine. 20lbs, 40lbs, then 60lbs. 3x10. BSS are psychological torture even when physically they aren’t horrible, which they usually are. They make me feel like puking and shaking all over.

Also: Side delts with cable.


Have you done high cable overhead extensions?

I do them single arm, weaker arm first. Probably my preferred tricep isolation, if I was picking just one.

This video covers basically all the form cues. Lean, staggered stance, arm(s) close to the head.