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After the First Cycle

Alright, I’m 25 years old and smack in the middle of my first cycle after a very productive year, inspired by a few posters on this forum. I’ve got a good 5 years of training, with the last two being focused on packing on some real size and strength. I’m 5 foot 4, sitting at about 170 pounds with some visible upper abs but a little bit of belly fat (arms and legs are pretty lean, I store a lot of fatness on the stomach, annoying as shit!)

I started using 500 mg test E, shot every 3 days, as well as 300 mg of deca once a week. Results have been great (visible loss of body fat, gained about ten scale pounds, strength shot up and I can tolerate much more volume, and old injuries vanished). I have nolvadex for PCT, and on hand for any gyno (none thank goodness).

Now, here’s the real crux of the post… I’ve made great progress so far, but haven’t found much about how to train to maintain what I gain after the cycle is over. I realize most people experience a loss of some of their size and strength on most steroids. I was wondering how people adjust their training for the down time in between cycles. Just go back to normal? Take it back a notch while your hormones stabilize, that kind of thing. I have a habit of overthinking these things.

My current training is a five day bodypart split, Chest, Back, Shoulders, legs, Arms. 15-20 sets for bigger body parts (up from 10-12) and 9-12 for smaller ones (up from 6-8).

I find that training at high intensity even after coming off cycle helps natural test production to come up. I don’t really vary my training coming off. Hit it hard and keep eating. I lose a bit of strength and scale weight but that is to be expected. You’ll feel you look smaller it’s only in your head. No else notices when I’m off except my wife because she know when I’m off don’t look as “full”.

Keep the weights as high as possible.

Lower the volume a bit.

Dont take many sets, if any, to failure.