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After the Before


Time to start logging again at good ole T-Nation, I said I would and it'll help me find the strength I've misplaced in the past 2 months.

April 2009 I competed at the Canadian Nationals with friends from Montreal and Ontario and finished with a respectable total of 292.5 kg (665 lbs) just missing Class 1 by a few kg. I should have had them and was pretty much set on getting it this July at the Ottawa Bench Freak, but some big time life and shit got in the way. I finally decided rather than going to the meet with my head half not there that I will put off competing until the fall, when I hope we will have a small qualifier in Levis for the QC provincials. We are hosting the Nationals in 2010, and I want to be there.

My first goal is to get my squat back to where it needs to be without gear. I put a lot of focus on learning to squat in a suit since December of last year and once I took the damn thing off I found I had to start at the beginning again. That combined with some muscle loss from my legs has really set me back on this lift. I also don't have the hours needed to follow Sheiko anymore, so my training has become more intuitive and has to revolve around my life, rather then the other way around LOL.

So onto some training, June 8, women's gym, while I was "working" (hey, I'm setting an example right)
bar x 8
3x95x2 sets
2x105x2 sets
1x115x2 sets
2x105x1 set
OK, so I felt like pressing some LOL, I get like that with bench

Flat DB Press 5x10x25lbs DBs
supersetted with
DB Row 5x10x30lbs DBs

Little bit of squattin just because I can
5x135x3 sets
3x155x2 sets
Need to work back up to the good depth.

Here are some vids, since my camera now FINALLY works. If there is no sound, I'm going hunting for some Japanese JVC executives. This is a double for 105 on the bench


some more vids from last night:
115 single

5x135 squats

3x155 squats

would have been better if that girl didn't want to know how to use the machine beside the rack. In her defense I was working, but please bitch can u wait a minute? I never train at the women's gym, even though my boss gave me a rack and crappy old bench, but Monday's are hectic and something is better than nothing!


Hey dianab! I look forward to reading your log.


It's about time! Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Like OG said somewhere else, now we can take over the world!!

Looking forward to reading your log also.


I am looking forward to following your progress!


Luv ya D. You have almost as much class as I do. I love how you finish your bench with 'bitch'.

I'm so glad you're posting. This'll give me a central place to bug you :slight_smile:


didn't even notice, i think i call every tough lift a bitch LOL.
luv you back Jules


thanks guys, i also look forward to my progress and getting the knee/mind connection back so I can squat again!


Sweet, another log to comment on! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to following along!


Hahahaha, what do people think? It is like that at my gym too, I am clearly working out hard and have earphones in and someone always has to try and talk in the middle of my set. Gesh, wait till I am done and am in my rest period, and if I wanted to talk to you I would not have earphones in. Anyways, looking forward to your log too.


The difference is, it's her job. She's a trainer.

I'm gonna try that at my job next time the VP want something "please bitch, can't you see I'm in the middle of something?" hahaha.

Diana's the best.


Aww Julie with all this love we'll be shopping for new curtains at Ikea soon.
In my defense, it was a half hour before closing time and there were only 2 people in the gym. These women sit on machines and chat on cell phones so it is no surprise that the girl had no idea what I was doing or if it takes any sort of concentration. When I train there, I get a lot of questions and I hope that some of those girls understand the connection between big lifts and the body they are trying to get. I help as much as I can, but in the end whether one listens or not is their choice.


Fuck Ikea. If I'm gonna put out I want better than that.


Julie I read your log, you never put out anyways, so Ikea is the best I got for ya babe.


Sometimes I give head when conversation slows down. It's like I'm not sure what to do with my mouth.


I knew it!


any excuse Julie?