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After Testing 1RM?

Basically I’m wondering what you guys do after you hit a 1RM. For example yesterday I hit a 1RM in my deadlift for the first time (hadn’t tested before). I then proceeded to do the rest of my workout (mostly isolation movements for arms/back). I did not however do barbell rows as I feel my form would have been greatly compromised.

Today I am going to test my 1RM for the press, and I am planning to do my assistance work after as well (I’ll see how I feel). I am asking cause I’ve talked to some people who say hit your 1RM and then leave, and I have talked to others that say play it by feel and try and get your assistance work in if you can. I know it might not be set in stone and less volume could be done for assistance work etc. Just curious, thanks

I thought that you were only on your first few cycles of 5/3/1? So why exactly are you worried about testing your 1RM already? You can easily gauge your progress by checking your rep records / best sets with the formula given: Weight X Reps X 0.0333 + Weight

There is also a big difference between an advanced lifter hitting a new 1 or 3RM on a Max Effort day and calling it a day as opposed to a beginniner hitting a “Sorta Max” and doing the same. A beginner just isn’t going to be activating as many motor units as a more advanced lifter.

I would just stick to the 5/3/1 and add in a few singles after the 5/3/1 sets and reps at or above 90% of your training max when you feel like you can.

You are correct I am only finishing up my third cycle of 5/3/1. I’ve been lifting for a tad over a year now though and wanted to test my 1RM in my main lifts as I have never done it before. I thought it would be cool to know how much I can truly lift, and it was kinda my reward to myself before x-mas. Also I wanted to know how it felt to push yourself with that heavy of a weight. I loved the feeling though. I mean like all day I was jittery and I had the weirdest feeling before maxing out.

I wouldn’t say nervous but it felt like that. Idk it was just fun to attempt a weight that was a lot (for me) and know there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to successfully lift it. I’m not gonna test again for awhile though after today. Haha and I should probably make this clear, my results from testing my 1RM will in no way make me change the weights I’m working with for 5/3/1. I’m just gonna keep lifting and eating and maybe a few months from now I’ll test again, maybe not.

I hear ya. I can relate to thinking about a particular lift throughout the day and getting nervous / psyched about it. Especially when you start handling weights for reps that were your old 1RM a year prior. I have worked up to a 1RM on a few movements in the past year but only a couple of times. I’ve found that when I plug my rep maxes into the formula, they’re pretty close to what my 1RM has been on those lifts.

Yeah from now on I feel like I don’t need to test often at all cause the 1RM calculator was dead on. I might just do like every 6 months to a year. I had been using the 1RM calculator to kinda get a ball park estimation but I didn’t think it would be that accurate. Atleast now I know I can trust it. Time to move on though, gotta get another plate on the deadlift and bench.

I just posted and it didn’t show up so I’ll try again. Basically should I trap bar deadlift today if I hit a 1RM in the deadlift on wednesday? If I don’t trap bar deadlift to day I have to wait two weeks to do it again as the gym that I go to that has the trap bar is closed next week. THe reason using the trap bar is so important to me is cause I can’t squat and I haven’t been able to for 5 months so I’m trying keep my squat at a somewhat decent number…