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After Starting TRT, When Should I Do First Bloodwork?

Sorry if its already said in another thread but I couldnt find an answer. My endo wants me to do bw after 4 months. Seems a bit far. Is 4-5 weeks enough?

My endo told me to get my blood drawn 3-4 days after my four injection, pretty close to the five half lives of testosterone. I don’t understand why he would want you to wait four months, doesn’t make sense to me. You should reach steady state by the fifth week.

Ok so 5th week is good?

Yes five weeks, but it takes much longer for most to start feeling significantly better.

My first labs were about 3 weeks after starting. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable waiting 4+ months between labs…to many variables to get dialed in, especially in the beginning.

What is your starting protocol? Wait 6 weeks, test, and adjust/add AI based on results.

Im on 80mg/week. No hcg no ai.

Test after 6 weeks unless you have earlier symptoms of high E2. I’m an over responder to Arimadex so I had a roller coaster ride trying to dial in because they put me on a “typical dose” of AI. The concensus on here is 1mg of Arimadex for your normal 100mg test injection per week.