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After Starting Strength?

Ok, so I’ve been doing SS for quite a while now. I’ve stalled at least 4 times on each exercise (to really make sure I’ve milked it for all its worth, and I think I’m done with SS. Started in November, and been great so far, but I was hoping for bigger increases in my lifts, but I suppose that I started low as it is:

Weight: 168 -> 183
Squat: 95 -> 175
Deadlift: 190 -> 285
Bench Press: 95 -> 140
Shoulder Press:70 -> 100
Power Clean: 75 -> 110

 I'm happy with the gains, much better than what I was doing before (machines....I know).  I wanted to continue with the strength and power gains for the next 2-3 months.  What effective intermediate program do you guys think are best or have best results with?  I've considered Starr's 5x5, Waterbury's program, Rippetoe's intermediate program.  but would like a personal suggestion from someone based on what they've had best results with that would match my short term goals.

Nice work on the gains

Thank you, I suppose I should be more happy with the gains that I made than being sad for the gains I should’ve made. I believe I put in alot of effort, and I should just celebrate the improvement instead of complaining about it =)

Seriously, any and all suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.

Maximum Strength by Eric Cressey. You can get it on amazon for $13. It’ll be the best money you ever spent. Very holistic approach of maintaining health and building useful strength.

I added 20 to my bench, 30 to be deadlift, and 30 to my squat in 4 months. But based on other testimonials I’ve read, that’s about as little gain as you could expect.

The way you’re focused on measuring your strength, i think it’d be perfect for you.

I don’t know much about Maximum Strength, although I did buy it just recently, just waiting for it to come in the mail but I would say it is likely a very good program(hence the reason I brought it). Eric knows his shit, and he deadlifts something like 650 so he knows a thing or two about strength.

Otherwise 5x5 is great, although its not a great deal different from SS.

btw, nice gains, I wouldn’t be disapointed. Not many people can claim to increase their deadlift by almost 100lbs in a few months.

3-4 way split IMO. You probably have lagging bodyparts.