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After Some Advice/Ideas


I've been serious about my training for the past 12 months in terms of dieting/lifting and I've hit a bit of a plateau not with my training but, my diet in terms of mixing it up and cooking different foods etc. Im 24 yrs old at 90kg 5'8 around 11%, I guess you could say I'm on a lean bulk or clean bulk whatever you want to refer to it as but since i don't know what other varieties of meals i can cook i have been slack the past two weeks and its starting to irritate me.....

Current diet: 6 whole eggs, protein shake, 2 waffles with jam.

meal 2: 200grams either chicken/steak/pork with 100-150 rice or sweet potato

meal 3: 200grams either chicken/steak/pork and veggies

meal 4: 200grams either chicken/steak/pork and veggies

meal 5: 200grams either chicken/steak/pork with 100-150 rice or sweet potato

current split: monday- quads/hams tuesday-chest wednesday-back thursday-shoulders/calfs friday-bis/tris

as you can tell there is not much variety there and very fucking boring so eating my meals can be a bit of a task, for me any way! i don't wanna change the whole thing i just want some ideas to mix it up a bit or things to mix it with.

First time posting so forgive me if its not up to par and I'm open for any suggestions and any ideas/help would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.

p.s might seem like a whole bit of info just for one question but just to give use some idea of me!


you could add a different breakfast, push your usual breakfast to lunch, and that way eliminate a bit of the redundancy.

My breakfast, for example, is Kirkland(costco) Greek Yogurt. It’s low carb, low fat and 21g protein per serving size. What I do is, throw in a scoop of fudge brownie whey protein, mix it with the yogurt. This creates a muscle-building fudge brownie pudding, to which I add fiber One cereal. Pretty bomb breakfast if you ask me.

A dinner that is easy to cook, is ground-beef, with whatever seasoning you enjoy, personally I use, brown-sugar(secret ingredient), ground cumin and sometimes some tex-mex spices. Add pasta sauce(garlic / onion is bomb) and finally mix with wheat elbow macaroni.
By the time I realize I’m full, I’ve already devoured a whole pound of ground beef.

edit: i just realized I always eat til I explode…which is probably not what you are looking for.


thanks for that claudan il give that a go for breakky for sure, starting to find it very hard to down eggs and continue to try add more!! il take all that on board and mix it up bait appreciate the help!