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After Snapping Radius and Ulna


So 5 years after I snapped my radius and ulna clean in two, after a surgery which involved my bones being plated together with stainless steel and a total of 12 pins on each plate 6 months in a half cast up to my shoulder.

I have somehow managed to regain 100% ROM on my arm.

Don't ask me how, I don't really know. Probably due to doing weights for the past 2 years has given me a lot more ROM. That's what I'm going with.

Basically I can finally do (for the first time in my life) barbell curls.

I'm just glad I never let it become a reason to not do weight lifting like my doctors and so on said I shouldn't.

Anyway if anyone has had an injury like this or if in the future you do and you remember this thread and you still have the plates in like me , don't let what other people tell you stop you.

It works out in the end.

Roll on the never ending benefits of weight lifting!


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I actually stopped going to physio.
Their advice was to constantly do x,y and z stretches as well as massaging the arm daily.

I never did any of those things for more than a few weeks and all it caused was pain.

On the other hand ignoring what they said and doing weight training gave me far better ROM after just a few months and now it's back to 'normal' with no pain unless it's cold.

The cold snap we've had recently hasn't been great.

I'm in Devon so I guess I've got similar weather to you at the moment.