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After Six Years Here (5'11'', 185)


So after 6 years here I decided to start a RMP.




Bench - 235
Squat - 315(couple inches below parallel)
Deadlift - 440

Other things I'm proud of include - 34" vertical and being able to close the #2 COC gripper for 5/6 reps


Starting training around the age of 14. I didn't follow a proper program till around the age of 16(when I found this site) and I was originally doing WSFSB. At that time I usually wouldn't follow a program to the T but just the general template - ie - 2 lower days, 2 upper days, always doing a "main lift" and working up to a 3-5RM and then doing accessory work. When I came out of highschool I was about 205 and probably only a bit less lean than I am now. My bench at the time was actually stronger, around 260, but the deadlift and squat were about 30-40lbs less each. This last year I have been following 5/3/1 and I just recently switched over to Madcow 2 weeks ago.

Diet - I don't have any idea how many cals or what the macro breakdown is but I eat pretty much the same thing everyday

Breakfast - Shake -(banana,2tbsp PB, 3 eggs, 1/4cup oats, cream)
Lunch - Chicken or Steak with vegetables
Dinner- Chicken or Steak with vegetables
Before bed - couple eggs

Snacks throughout day include - nuts,bananas,apples,and wraps with deli meat.

I have had a couple different things I feel limit my progress-

  • High metabolism - This was a bigger issue in high school than it is now - to get to 205 I was typically eating 8 eggs/day, 2 homemade shakes, huge dinners, huge lunches etc - People will probably be skeptical of this but ... - my dad took me to Europe after grad and we stayed for a month. I couldn't eat very well as we were very busy and we did lots and lots of walking. When I came home, after only 30 days, I had lost 20lbs. My mom freaked out. People couldn't believe it. I feel this is sorta my "set" or "natural" weight(185). Its the weight I keep if I just eat according to my hunger. I don't have any trouble putting on weight if I want to though - I can start gaining 1/2 lbs/week with little effort.

  • Skiing - Im a huge skier - The last few seasons I have put in around 80-100 days for the season - skiing 4/5 days week. Heavier body weights are not conducive to skiing and my body will fight me during the winter. I also have to really back off on the squats and deadlifts.

Goals -

I would like to maybe do another bulk and get to around 210 and then go back down to about 190. Ideally I want to be 190 with single digit bf.

In terms of lifts I would really like to achieve, in the next 3 years, at 190 -

Bench - 300
Squat - 400
Deadlift - 500

Any advice on anything - physique weak points/diet/training setc is much appreciated .


Edit - Measurements -

Waist - 29"
Arm(cold/flexed)- 15.25"
Legs - 23"
Calves - 14.5"
Forearms - 13"














Really good progress for just 21years old..

Just keep lifting heavy, eat more, rest .. and try and get thicker and wider, but you are clearly on the right track


You deadlift 440?








Eat more.

There've been a lot of articles and threads on gaining/bulking. Read them.

Keep your protein at about 1-1.5g/lb. Increase carbs and fats.

If you're not sleeping 8h/night, do.

Keep up with the lifts. You've got a decent start, but if your goal is to be bulking, you should probably be carrying more fat. The lean looks good but it's not going to get you mass.

Good basic lifts -- your dead beats your squat and your bench is relatively strong given longish arms. Keep working those, and hit the chins as well for back width (lats). I'm a big fan of Kroc rows (heavy 1-armed DB rows at high reps). Nothing hammers your lats quite like those, walking feels funny the next day.

You're young, you're on the right track, and if you increase the food intake, you should grow. Plan on a bulk through the winter (with light patterns and whatnot, you've got a natural tendency to gain, cut a bit heading into next summer, and see where you're at.


Good work OP. Solid base for sure.

Question... I understand blurring out your face... but why did you blur out your closet? You dont want people knowing what kind of shirts you wear? :slightly_smiling:



Just really like to keep my privacy. There are posters on the walls that could easily be recognized etc.


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I also feel I need a little in the upper chest. Calves are shit...

Definitely quite the benefit to have found this site at such a young age.


Obviously you'll be going for more mass overall but traps and lats look like areas to focus on IMO (though your lats may just look small due to your posing).

Good job so far.

Greg why you always gotta pick out the weirdest things to hate on?


Anyone else ?


Legs, back, shoulders in that order need the most work but you mostly just need more size, now get to work.