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After Scrawny to Brawny?

I’m coming to the end of the Scrawny to Brawny program, and thinking about what to do next.

I’m 44, and have gone from 170 pounds to 185 since May.

I’m considered designing my own workout schedule alternating between exercises selected from the “Neandrathal” articles to correct posture issues with a full body workout of basic lifts I feel work for me, such as bench press, front squat, dips, lunges, etc.

Should I take some time off? Any other suggestions?

Did you do the gold plan all 16 phases?

I just finished phase 16 and have started Chad Waterbury’s High Frequence Workout.

My body fat dropped and I got cut on JB plan but my arms just don’t seem to want to grow. My strength increased great, size is just hard to get. Had good increases in shoulders and chest.Hopfully the high frequency will shock them into growing.

Also 43. 44 next month 6’1 220