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After Running Thib X EliteFTS Programs Mixed


5'8, 210, 20yr old
Push Press- 240~
Clean(with straps)-275
40 yd dash: 4.72
2mile time: 12:17
Best 100 meter: 12.07

I played football throughout high school and rugby in college. I've been to most ends of the fitness spectrum, what I mean is I've competed in CC, Track, Stongman, Powerlifting.

In the past 3-4 months I've raised my weight from 185~ to 210~ following my own bastardized version of Thibs concepts and the football training articles on Elite FTS.
I stopped training my legs for a little while as well since most of my weight seemed to be from them.

Pushing workout:
A1) Push Press and or split jerk 4-8 sets of 3
A2) Ov ball throw supered for 3 reps
B1) Low incl Bench 4-8 sets of 3
B2) Exp. pushups supered for 3
C1) Bench 4-8 sets of 3
C2) Exp push ups supered for 3
D1) Tri lockout exercises
E1) Delt Work


A1) Cleans 4-5 sets of 3
B1) DL 6-8 sets of 3
*) I rotate in Rack pulls as weak point training
C1) Pullups 4-5 sets 3
C2) Exp pullups supered for 3
D1) B-O rows 5x5
E1) High pulls 6-8 sets of 3

Volume in my sets rotates around my weak points (Push Press, Pullups)
I throw in squat days after pressing days then rest another 1-2 then do pulling

My diet is eat everything in site, drink around 16 oz milk every meal.

I cut out all the supplements I used to take as well including protein.

So here are the pics, don't mind the dumb faces.






Upper body look pretty good there mate. Back looks pretty thick

Though you need to have a picture of your legs


I dont have any good pics of my legs right now, here is what I can come up with


back and legs looking solid maybe a bit more on your lats and more on your chest , and calves to match them quads.Looking great dude, Im no expert so take it for what its worth.



Thanks for the feedback, I always undertrain my calves and forearms. This summer is time for a change in that though.


TOo bulky. Loose weight


Too stupid, stop breathing.


I have to deal with this troll myself. Check out his Rate my Physique on his forum.


Yeah, all that muscle is really making you look like you workout...


This is what you should strive to look like. Notice the back flexed pose (the only good one).


Ha! Thats a good one. I hope to have a good "flexed back pose" such as that someday...

Anyways... Nice lifts and physique goin there powerchris. I agree with NGAGE.