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After Reading So Much


Well after reading so many things on this website and on tnation i decided to make my own workout to get big(hypertrophy). Please feel free to add sugestions and give me some advice. Im still not sure when to do drop sets,super sets, and ect..

Load is 65% of 1RM . Ill increase the load by 5 to 10 percent every two weeks depending on how my body responds. I will also be increasing my reps by 2 or 3 every week as well and bring it back to normal every other week.


Bench Press:4 x 8
Incline Press:3 x 12
Decline Dumbell Press: 4 x 10
Barbell Row: 4 x 8
Deadlift:4 x 10
Pull ups: 3 sets to failure

i only posted the chest workout because it woulve tooken me for ever to write the rest lol. All i really want to know is if i have the sets and reps correct . Also if im doing the loads correctly and when should i increase it and ect..


-About supersets, dropsets, etc... they are not necessary if you're starting up, straight sets and progressive overload WILL give you better results.
-When you've started training, it's not weird to use loads nearer your 1RM than 65%, this is because your body isn't used to the movements, so you won't use a much greater load for lower reps. In the first weeks or even the first month, it'd be better to up the reps to like 12-15 to get those recruitment patterns and optimize later stimuli.
-How are you supposed to know how much you're gonna increase the load and reps? Just try your hardest, work your muscles and smash those weights with your best performance for that time you get in the gym. In your first months it's not rare to progress by the session, but later you're gonna realize that some times it's better to "regress".
-The only one who can know when and how much to increase the loads and the reps is YOU, you seem to be waiting for someone to tell you "get it 5% percent man, and 2 reps per session", come on!!! get on the gym and learn it by living it.




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Just focus on increasing either reps or weight every session.

Forget about supersets that's a technique used by advanced lifters and even so it's seldom used anymore.

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Just go apeshit in the gym and increase your lifts every week as much as possible. Eat like a man. Worrying about 65% of your RM and increasing it by 5%-10% each week is utter bull shit, because as a complete novice your 1RM will increase at least 5-10lbs weekly.

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