After Reading Author Rea BTPB

I spent several days over the holiday weekend reading the cycle lay outs in BTPB (thanks for the hookup Wide(:

After reading and re-reading BTPB, I think I have been doing it all wrong the last couple of years. It seems like the way ALR lays it out makes so much more sense from drug mixes, cycle lengths and even use of OTC supps with an emphasis on maintaining ones health and muscle mass during the process. I would say it is an intelligent and logical process based on science and the way the human body responds.

Anyone else read this and think the same way?

Is it pretty much just advanced multi-drug cycles?

Not really advanced. Actually, the doseages are based on bodyweight and are much lower and shorter than you’ll find advocated on any of the boards.

He says long cycles usually become ineffective after 6 weeks since the body will adjust back to homestasis unless you bump the doseages higher, which then does not meet the risk (of sides) vs reward (new growth).

He uses phase cycling and calls them:

Max Andorgen Phase with Andorgenic or Anabolic dominance.

Anabolic Lean Mass retention Phase

Estrogen/Cortisol Supression Phase

Low Dose AAS Phase

Absoulte Anabolic Phase

Then he layers these in depending on the goals. Most phases last 30 days max.

I would highly reccomend you take a look at it. I know a lot of people think he is full of shit, but it seemed very logical to me.

He also advocates site injection protocols, which I know is controversial.

It’s a 276 page document but worth the time to read.

Sounds interesting, is it an e-book or hardcopy?

Would CME be a necessary read prior to reading BTPB ?

I haven’t been able to find that damn book anywhere. Where’d you get it.

Seriously, where is this book? People talk about it all the time, but I can’t find it.

Edit: I discovered it on Ebay in Ebook form, but that is about it.

Go to SSB ( and do a search in the anabolic information on Building the Perfect Beast, there is post there that has a link that allows you to download it. I can’t remeber the actual site link or I would post it here for you guys.

[quote]tzoley wrote:
Would CME be a necessary read prior to reading BTPB ?[/quote]

Not in my opinion…

Just glanced at it but seems like there are some pretty exotic things in some of the cycles.

its interesting though i think most will find it difficult to actually follow his recommendations due to availiability of some of the compounds he recommends. Also i think they did a poor job of editing and layout of the book. Those that have read it know what i mean, you basically have to read the whole thing without trying to figure it out as you go, then go back through it after you see the whole picture. It is an intersting view on the subject though.

Here we go kiddies.

Yes i found the book very interesting, but the book is very hard to read if you have not read CME 1. If anyone Would like a copy to read before the read BTPB then pm me and i will send i can send you a copy.

I won’t disagree that it takes some thinking and reviewing. With regards to exotic drugs there are ready sources for most of what he lists if you look around. I am planning to try this method out early next year. Good luck.

[quote]JohnnyChainsaw wrote:
Here we go kiddies.[/quote]

Thanks a ton Bro. I really appreciate it.

I’d say that most likely from now on when I cycle I will use ALR’s idea in terms of layering and using phases. I’m not sure I’ll ever go to the lengths of making his seo mix’s or anything that crazy, probably won’t try any pgf-2a either. Still it’s very interesting and I’ve grown off his style of cycling very nicely this summer, just as well as last summer where I used much more gear. BTW, yes the book is kinda hard to follow and most likely you’ll need to read it a few times.

ANyone know if his book for training naturally every came out, is coming out?

Also not to pimp other supplement companies on this excellent board full of some of the best writers, strength coaches, diet, and aas gurus ect. but ALRI puts out some decent supplements to. Kinda expensive but pretty good.

Personally i think that it is a better idea to read CME first because you may think that you have a clear understanding about different types of steroids,what they do… etc etc but you may not understand some of the points he is explaining fully untill you have read his first book and got the basis of his methods and what he is talking about. but this will not be the case with everyone.

[quote]WideGuy wrote:

ALRI puts out some decent supplements to. Kinda expensive but pretty good.[/quote]

Yes they do.