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AFTER Quattro Dynamo

I am on my last week of qd having great results up
7pds lbm using massive eating 2. I was thinking
of 5 day break. I want to keep bulking I was thinking of ABB or Ovt any thoughts on this.

Thanks, Ken

Keep bulking with the ABBH program. It’s a perfect program to follow QD and to pack on even more muscle.

What if I want to transition into a cutting phase? I used the supplement recommendations, taking Mag-10 for the 2nd and 3rd weeks. I assume I should spend about 2 weeks doing recovery work and not begin a strict cutting diet immediately. Then I can begin the real diet. Any suggestions in terms of a recovery program and a follow-up diet program?

BTW, the QD program worked great for me as well. Lots of strength and size gains. Mag-10 probably helped a lot too.


No need to wait 2 weeks for recovery. You can start performing my Next Big 3 program right away. The drastic decrease in volume will basically act as a recovery.
Consume carbs with breakfast and post-workout only. Perform cardio on your off days and eat plenty of protein (1.5-2.0 grams/lb lean body mass).