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after prom ideas

I have my junior prom friday night(im 17)and I’m looking for a good idea for sumthin to do after with my date and my friends. I am not a drinker but I wanna have a good time, plus I’m playing paintball the next day.
any ideas would be appreciated

Go to the gym and do deadlifts.

if you’re in a temperate area, consider goin to a waterfront, like the beach or a lake or somethin…after my prom (4 yrs ago) we went to some club in the city then stopped by the beach on our way home…we watched the sun rise and stuff and it was cool…umm other ideas, my sister’s prom is this year, and she and her friends are probably goin to a karaoke place…i guess that can be fun…then of course you can go to a comedy club, night club, or…bounce early and hit the gym for a nightcap! hahah jk

You could go bowling, or to an all-night amusement park, if there’s one in your area. or you could stick to the traditional “nail-you-date-in-the- back-of-dad’s-car”, which would be my first choice.

I had the high school prom night when I was a bit younger than 16. It was the first time I got laid. That very night I broke up with the girl I was with (did not care about her or she about me, so it wasn’t bad), got a cab and sent her home, drank a ton of alcohol and we went to a club afterwards. I came home the next morning. Pretty much a waste of time and money.

Large orgy. Or if you’re not a drinker, lots of drugs will usually do the trick.

I like the karaoke idea,and the screwing the date sounds even better!this might happen,shes a lil on the easy side,even though she has a boyfriend.
we’ll see what happens

Rent a room…duh!!smack samck

Get a bunch of your friends to rent a hotel room, or go to a house party, or go to a park, that’s what I did for mine.

Here’s an idea- how about gettin laid!! For cryin out loud, your 17…your numjber one mission in life should be gettin tail…get some balls kid…

yeah, pretty much all girls will put out on prom night. get laid dude. good luck

smoke crack, play with legos, do a puzzle! run away from home, super-glue yourselves together, and join the circus! beat off into your baseball cap.