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After Powerbuilding Training Program?

Coach what type of program would you recommend post PBT if main goal is size primary and strength secondary? I am slightly limited with my home gym but was thinking maybe the Boring But Big 531 three month challenge. Can PBT just be repeated?

Thanks as always

look for either the 915 program or Complete Power look program on T-nation

Thank you for your input Christian! Both look great. Now that they are each a couple years old off the top off your head would you make any changes? I know PBT used a lot of isometric work and cool things like the HBT.

I do not revisit older programs and redesign them. They are perfectly fine. Not all the programs I design use isometrics and eccentrics (for example). Some are more “traditional” but they are just as effective.

Sounds good, thought I’d ask. I have two weeks of PTB left and it is a fantastic and fun program