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After PCT, Now What?

Hi all,

So finished pct Monday just gone. 4 weeks nolva standard 40/40/20/20… Just have 2 quick questions, firstly when should I do labs to compare to my pre cycle ones?
Secondly, I have been left with some rather bad acne on my back. it’s fairly heavily covered and some scars/ cysts too, they all appeared after about 4 weeks on, but they still remain now just as bad, when do these start to clear up of ever and can I use anything to help?

Thanks guys.

The acne is normal, whenever you stop, you get acne. It is probably the ratio of estrogen to test getting screwed.
Best way is obviously do bloodwork , and check that testosterone level and estrogen level
Ssdd, low testosterone - pct again, clomid or nolva.

High estrogen - take an ai, letro, arimidex, aromasin.

I had the acne almost soon as started the cycle really and hasn’t gone yet.

When would be time to do bloods, I.e 2 weeks after pct or that to soon?

If you are getting acne then maybe use an ai.

I’d get labs now to see

Nolva’s half life is 5-7 days. So wait at least 35 days (5 half lives) before getting bloods. This will ensure the nolva is not keeping your HPTA active, and whatever T levels you have are the result of your own system. 2 months is even better, so you know if the system stayed running for a while.

If the test is done so soon, and comes back high/normal with Nolva still active in the system, the OP will be falsely assured the HPTA is back to normal, when in fact the Nolva is boosting it.

Right but what if his test is 40 at this point like mine was? Hate for him him to walk around for another month feeling like shit.
Id check now be if high, then great, recheck in a month or two

Hi guys I order blood test so will take then when arrives. Been 14 days now since finishing pct and I think I may be getting some rebound. Is this normal. My left nipple had gone very sore and erect again. This is the side I did begin to develop some lumps when on but they went away with nolva. I dont want to go back on nolva but should I do this to control any rebound or should I leave it for few days and re assess?

I’d do at least 10 nolva daily till u get results back…