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After Overnight Study, Help!


anyone know after an overnight study doing my assignments, reading tons of books,i feel like i'm dead... what supplements should i take to speed up the recovery process?
Tribulus? multi-vitamin? fish oil caps?
should i eat more carb or protein at this stage?


Is this a serious question?

I may be oversimplifying things but you may just want try some extra sleep.


The best supplement in this case is called Sleep. :wink: Maybe take a ZMA before going to sleep.

On the other hand, if you need to keep functioning and fighting despite being tired (you're not looking to recuperate, you want to keep going), then a Spike will most likely give you a boost. But don't take Spike if the emergency is over and you need to sleep.

Either way, of course a multivitamin can never hurt you.


of cause this is a serious question.
i just want to know what supplement i can use to help me recover faster from such situation.

and i don't want to eat crap to slow down the recovery process. that's why i raise this question. anyone have more useful ideas? especially on the nutrition.


Yea, go about eating healthy. Maybe limit carbs a tiny bit, due to studies finding lack of sleep leading to insulin resistance. But seriously, this little bit of lost sleep may not matter.


Supplements are supplementary to the things you already need to be doing, such as eating properly, exercising, and getting enough rest. They don't help you bypass normal physiological processes - for that you need serious drugs.

If you absolutely need to keep going, then take some stimulants - caffeine, ephedrine, whatever. Otherwise, sleep. The only thing that'll help you recover from sleep deprivation is sleep. But as to the carb/protein question, eating some carbs might help you get to sleep.


Sounds like what you need is HIS (High Intensity Studying). Read one chapter to failure, then take an hour off. I also like the conjugated periodization model... change subjects regularily to keep your nervous system fresh and to avoid burnout. :slightly_smiling:


I did the same thing a week ago for school. Supplement with sleep to get rid of your sleep debt.


One whole night without sleep? Oh man, you're totally F'd in the A, all your work for the last 3 months is down the drain.

Just go to sleep.