After One Year, Tips for my Workout Plan

And with what movements will i get stronger on the places I lack now?

So I wouldn’t have to keep lateral raises in? Plus a rear exercice?

I more mean what is missing in your physique or your progress if your goal is hypertrophy and you’re currently making gains? Let’s not just add a laundry list of exercises you might not need.

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There are 100s of dumbell triceps exercises.
Tris can’t be too big.


Don’t stop the lat raises. One upper day do lat raises like you have been doing. Then the next upper day do rear delts instead of lat raises. Then the next one lat raises, then the next rear delts. Just swap every other workout.

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You’re right! What was I thiking?

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I mean, to be fair, just doing more stuff is my go-to as well…!

In this case I just don’t know that we’ve really defined what our problem to solve is.

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Is hitting every ‘head’ of the shoulder once a week enough then?

Yeah, i have to add something like diamond pushups

In physique maybe some rear delts indeed, and maybe upper back/lats but I’m not sure how to hit that with barbell or dumbells etc.

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I honestly can’t answer that but, only working on two heads isn’t the answer either.

All the places you aren’t training lol.

I know I’m bouncing around answering your question, and this is on purpose… I truly don’t believe you’re going to adopt a tried and true training method and you’re going to keep making the same mistakes I made.

I think what @TrainForPain is asking is actually what OP is asking, which is why I cannot stress enough that you should not be making your own training. If you don’t know where your gaps are, how can you justify writing out your own plan?

These types of questions are why I believe you should not be designing your own training. I don’t mean this to be a ‘forever’ thing or to insult your training, it really is just that you will fail until you succeed… adopting a tested training program will bypass most of the failures you will encounter in your training.

You need some time with a tested program and to understand the why behind the do this. I’d recommend starting with Super Squats or 5/3/1 as both will only induce strength and muscle gains, with a strong foundation to build upon.

I don’t think any of these posts with individual exercise recommendations will fill in the gaps your ‘program’ has when there’s a logic error in your method.


Based on your replies, I do not recommend building your own workout at all.

Find a ready-made one (there are tons here if you look through the articles). Stick with it for a long while. Come back and tell us what you did and didn’t enjoy about it and we then might be able to suggest a different program or give ideas of ways to evolve or change the one you’re currently on.


Thanks guys, pretty clear everything. I’m trying my best, but you guys gave me a good look on what to improve.:+1:


If it helps with context for the above, OP, I still follow programs someone else wrote. I’ve been training in some capacity for over 25 years, played multiple sports in high school and college, and am jacked and gorgeous… and I still don’t trust myself to think for myself too much. It’s not an insult, it’s just a more efficient path.

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Day 7 of Super Squats done today, 15 years after the first time I ran it. You can’t beat the classics.


Picking shoulder press as an example. You mention you train upper then lower then rest and then repeat, so I am going to assume you train upper twice a week. Over 1 year that is 100 workouts.

It can not be possible for you to have added 1 rep every session or add weight, you simply dont have enough weights. Heck if you started with 1kg for sets of 8 and added a rep each workout until you hit 12 and then went to 2kg and repeated, you would not be doing 20kg for sets of 12.

I think you need to be honest with yourself and us, when you ask for advise. With the equipment and amount of weight you have it is going to be hard to keep progressing and create the hypertophy gains you desire. If you really want to get big and strong then it is time to buy some more weights or find a good gym.


You’re sticking yourself into an icky middleground.

You dont have enough weight to get stronger, and you don’t do enough volume to get bigger.

And you seem resistant to doing anything much differently.

My opinion- Tripple the reps you’re doing on everything. 3 sets of 8-12 pushups is absolutely worthless.

Shoot for at least 100 of each type doing 5 sets of 20, then 4 sets of 25, etc.


This is a problem. To preemptively conclude that your squat sets will essentially be easy leads me to believe that you put the same effort towards all movements, or are looking for an easy way out of the difficult movements that actually matter at this point.

Lose the isolation stuff and work hard to add weight and reps to the compounds.

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Some sets I won’t be able to overload indeed, i never said I overload every set, i try to. My shoulder press last workout was 15kg for 10 reps