After One Year, Tips for my Workout Plan

Hey all, i would like to know if my workout plan that i have made some gains with for about 1 year now, is good or are there any improvements I can make. Note: i workout from home doing a selfmade upper lower split, i have 2 dumbells I can load with 20kg each, and a barbell. I overload every workout and try to do one rep more every set than the workout before. My goal is strength and hypertrophy. I always go to failure every set, which is often one rep per set more than the workout before. So what can I do better at the workout part, not equipment.

Weighted pushups 3 sets of 8-12
Weighted incline pushups 3 sets of 8-12
Lateral raises 3 sets of 15-20 (lighter weight)
Shoulder press 3 sets of 8-12
Bicep barbell curl 3 sets of 8-12
Barbell row 3 sets of 8-12

light squats 12-15
Bulgarian split squats 12-15

Hope I have given enough information. I hope someone can give me feedback. Be harsh if needed.

I hope I have given enough information

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Are you willing to obtain more equipment?

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For now, i would like to see what creative improvements I can make with just this equipment :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to say, then that, this is actually your goal, vs this


How many days a week are you doing this plan?

A simple suggestion would be:

Do back on leg day
Add tricep work on upper day
Add calf work on lower day

Hoping this doesn’t come off too harsh.

You’re quite inexperienced to be making your own program… save yourself years of frustration by starting something tested and proven by countless others. Recommend 5/3/1 or Super Squats.

I’m struggling to believe this. Most who make these claims don’t understand how severe ‘failure’ really is in training, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with less than 5 years of good disciplined training under their belt… Failure training is reserved for those who can rely on form to not break down, and to identify when it does as to prevent injurt. If you’ve got a year’s experience, I don’t feel that is enough to warrant such unforgiving methods.

How are you training for strength without any power lifts?


I do upper, lower next day, rest upper lower rest

True, I meant to say mostly hypertrophy.

Maybe thats a good idea, my triceps have grown a bit, but you think something like diamond push ups would make a great difference?

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Is there anywhere you can do pull ups?
Swap things up every other workout.
Instead of push ups do pull ups or dips.
Swap Bulgarians for lunges
Slow the tempo down on the squats or use paused.
Swap rear delt raises for lat raises.
Hammer curls for barbell.
Add some core work.

You’re right, i only made it because I had limited equipment and really want to get started back in the day. i thought it was somewhat hitting everything

Kind of, but you’re missing planes of movement.

-Horizontal push
-Horizontal pull
-Vertical push
-Vertical pull
-Hinge (deadlift, squat)
-Single Leg (lunge, split squat, etc)

Still, I recommend following a real program if you want real results. I wasted literal years learning the ropes and just doing what I thought would work… no clue why I was arrogant enough to think I understood how to leverage these mechanisms - with no research/experience to rely on.
Be smarter than I was.

I’m sure your right, but can you explain why such vertical movements etc are needed in every program, when you can hit them in a way like I do? Just curiosity. What are the problems I will face when I continue this? I made some gains with good overloading.

Do you want to be strong/muscular everwhere or just in some places?

Not being strong/muscular everywhere. Otherwise likely none.

Right. Keep doing this part, just with a better/more complete program.

Which places will i end lacking strength? Or no strenght at all with this workout I do now? Also, thanks for all information. Really helpful :+1:

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If you’ve been making gains, then it’s good.
There are always improvements to be made, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should chase them.

Good advice all around above, but I’d ask what you think is missing? Where is there a gap that needs to be addressed?


swap rear delt for lat raises? Am i hitting the part of the shoulder enough which I did with normal lateral raises?

Every other workout. Lat raises hits the middle delts. Shoulder press will hit the front. You need to hit the rear delts which are typically hard to target.

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If you mean what is missing in my workout, I think some tricep work, rear delts and maybe some parts of back and calves?