After One Year of Training

i started on my 18th witch was the 14th of jan round xmas time i took this photo, im finding it hard to bulk up and the i dont really wana go down the roid road at a young age,

eat more.

^ I second that.

Seem to have pretty good muscle shapes for what we can see. Put on a shitload of size by doing ^ the above and you’ll be well on your way.

You remind me of my clients who complain about putting on size and then say you eat a lot. After I go through their daily eating habits I help them realize they are in fact, NOT eating a lot.

Eat more.

Eat twice what your eating now.

Eat for the weight you want to be.

Eat, as everyone has been suggesting, and maybe post the required pics for RMP >>>???

Actually give the required photos. Also, eat more.

Bro, that is a shit load of knotty pine. And further, taking a pic of yourself topless in a public bathroom is not cool bro. Not cool.

yeah im trying to eat nd eat but i probs could try nd eat more, and btw its the sunbed room in the gym

ive put a canny bit weight on scine i took this, il try nd get a new one up

sounds more like a geordie

Definitely Geordie, the username is a big clue, and I’m sure I recognise that sunbed room.


I’ll have to rate you down for being a mackem then, sorry.