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After Mass Made Simple?


Hello from France,

excuse my English :wink:

I'm currently on the 3d week of this program :

My legs LACK and this program gives them the boost I was hopping for !
I wonder how should I continue to blast my quads after this 4-weeks cycle ?
I want to keep focusing on them.

Ladders volume ?

Thanks !


It's working. Keep at it. No reason to change.


This, definitely.

Angus, in these last three weeks, how much bodyweight have you gained and how much has your strength improved?

Also, what's your current height and weight?


OK, thanks !
I tought it was a "4 weeks only" blast then you have to move on.



I am 6'3 and 170lbs :-/

Gained 2,2lbs in 3 weeks



3 whole weeks? This sport is measured in years. Just keep at it.

And, we are the same height, I weigh 220 and considered small.

Better start eating bud.


Sorry for the question...

Dan said "four weeks to push the weights and the reps up, then, move on"

Does this mean : stop the program and come back to your previous one ?
Or : keep going, increase weights and reps on squat ?

Thanks !

PS.I lost 22lbs of fat this year...was skinny fat. Now, am just skinny :wink:


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