After Many Pharmacy Calls, no hCG alternative. Now What?

Being on a protocol for MANY years that is working great for me, I have made calls to many pharmacies and inquired on many forums on the web regarding any hCG alternatives on the market. We all know that hCG will be coming off the market and supply will run out and it is not going to be affordable to the average consumer once it is only available from big pharma. Not to mention the hassle involved with even trying to get a script filled due to availability or back order. With all the alternatives these pharmacies are providing or trying to sell us, the majority feedback i receive is this “might” work, or it “could” work, and it “won’t” work. I have been told about Clomid, Enclomiphene, Kisspeptin-10 and Gonadorelin and NOTHING is an alternative to hCG and the studies available on most of these drugs are minimal if any at all and no one can provide any relative clinical studies. So now I am at the point to WHAT is available and if there is no true replacement for hCG than what happens if you no longer take hCG and include it in your protocol? What should i expect? Really could use some help here.

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