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After Linear Progression Program?

Lifters today partly due to the overload on info on the internet, are over complicating their programs. They’re not helped by lifters (who will remain nameless) selling programs which are basically reboots or updates of old time programs.

That is true. It almost seems like people don’t want to believe that a more basic program will work and they prefer something that they don’t understand.

Read up on Doug Hepburn, Ernie Frantz, Hugh Cassidy, Dennis Wright, Pat Casey, Mike Bridges, Mark Chaillet, and Doug Young, John Kuc and Jim Williams. All used simple, easy to understand, logical systems.

At the end of the day the most success will be had by those who make steady progress over a long time while minimizing injuries. Guys run a program for 12 weeks and think they outgrew it.

Some examples:

Coan ran the same basic program for 25 years. The only change he made was to reduce his number of worksets as he got stronger.

Doug Young ran up to a max single then down to a set of 9, then a set of 15. Then 45 sets of hypertrophy work.

Chaillet - twice a week all three lifts for singles. That’s it

Bridges squat was twice a week for a top set and a drop set paused. Just some leg curls for assistance.

Dennis Wright used a top set of 1-5 with a few heavy drop sets.

Guys need to stop wasting time with exotic crap and try a return to the basics.


I agree with everyone here, I think I definitely am gonna restart this program once I am done with it and then after I stall fully again I will move on to something else.

If the second time you run it you end up at a higher weight than before,
why change it? Just keep resetting and running it again. The template is obviously working.

Since the basic template is working begin to tweak factors such as volume (add a bit, remove a bit), exercise variations, assistance variations, technique tweaks, etc. Leave the basic template alone.

I’ll reiterate that a common thread of many top lifters (except those who sell programs) is that if you found a template that is working DON’T change it until you hit a legitimate plateau. Not making a weight for a week or two is NOT a plateau.