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After Linear Progression Program?

Hey Everyone, I’ve been making crazy gains on my spin of GreySkull LP lately. My numbers went from 410x4/275x2/500x1 to estimated maxes based on recent training sessions to around 500-530/350~/565~. For example, I did squat 435 2x3 1x6 bench 280 2x5 1x7 and deadlift 455x8 rpe 8. I wanted to know what I should do for my next program. Is it worth it to try and repeat this program again, is it worth it to attempt to do any linear progression program again?

Generally, you’ll need to get more volume in to progress now . Have a look at MT’s latest stuff if you enjoy RPE style training

That’s some crazy progress.

Once you stall on linear progression it doesn’t really make sense to continue with it, you won’t be able to make progress like that again so there is no point in trying. There are plenty of other programs out there, just find something that seems appropriate and that you can commit to doing and do it. Of course if you haven’t actually stalled and the program is just coming to an end then you can run it again.

Who is MT? Mike Tuchscherer?

Sorry, yes.

If volume is the main issue, why not just add more volume to the program?

You can randomly bolt on the extra work or you can use a program designed for the next stage of progression from the outset.

Doesnt Greyskull also have an intermediate program? If Greyskull has worked well, that seems the logical next choice.

I don’t think greyskull has an intermediate program, for example, my program had two waves of 5 and then 2 waves of 3’s. instead, I can just repeat it and add 2 waves of 7’s before the 5’s, which would allow for more volume. I can also do an amrap and then 85% of the amrap weight instead, this would allow me to continue the program more because there are no work sets before and then there are still work sets.

Keep running greyskull until you stall as its working so well for you. Afterwards try an ‘intermediate’ linear like this…(giant sets optional IMO)…

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Especially if you liked the program.

“If you’re progressing on your current program don’t change it. Don’t even listen to me” - Ed Coan

Hey @jbackos, are you the same guy writing articles for EliteFTS?

Exactly, I mean should I restart the program once I stall on it? my intention is to keep running it until I stall.

I have no intention to get off the program, my question is if i should restart it after i stall on it

check my responses to rampant and osu

Yeah restart and then do one more run. Personally after that I would do another program like the one i linked or a 5x5 like madcow/Bill Starr -if you can go that far with greyskull the results could be insane.

can always go back afterwards also.

Oh ok. I guess I didn’t see you ask about stalling.

Yes sir.

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Coan did that his entire career. Eventually through analysis he was able to plan an entire 12 week cycle (including assistance) and not miss one rep.

Plot how long it takes before you fail. Then restart at a higher poundage than last time. You will need to experiment with the correct starting poundage but this approach worked for countless greats including Coan, Furnas, Karwoski, Wright, Inaba, Gant, Cassidy, etc., etc.

You can make small tweaks along the way without changing the basic program structure.

Good luck.

Dave Ricks still does that and he set world records in the open class at 57 years old.