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After Honeymoon Phase, Is Anyone Actually Happy With Their TRT?

I posted a few months ago. Little background on me. I tested 351ish for total T several months ago with an E2 level of around 7. Free T was also pretty low at 41. I felt pretty shitty at that time. Mostly fatigue and lack of motivation.

I worked for the next 2 months to naturally raise the T by taking zinc, vitamin D, and eating better. I tested around 390 for total T.

A week ago I started 100 mg SQ Test Cyp. I inject around 15 mg per day in the SQ fat. No HCG and No AI. A few days before starting TRT I went to draw my labs and to my surprise my total test came by 517, E2 20, Free T 75. I figured since I have the Test anyway let me start.

Been injected SubQ for a week and I totally know its very very early to really determine anything but I am noticing 3 amazing things that I directly attribute to the T.

  1. Erections are great. Its like being on viagra without being on viagra.
  2. Orgasms are intense. Sort of like when jerking off as a teenager.
  3. Sleep is amazing and very very deep.

As I am reading on the forums, it seems everyone here is having issues with their protocol, dialing it in, etc. Its made me sort of nervous to keep proceeding.

It seems that people are complaining of terrible insomnia, a sudden drop in libido or erections several months in, etc. It also looks like everyone goes through a honeymoon period with an inevitable sudden drop.

In light of my recent labs of 517 total T and E2 of 20- is it worth it to continue?

If this is in pg/mL then it’s low, and TRT trial would be worth it. Or you can try to lower SHBG to raise it up.

As for everyone having problems, mostly the guys doing fine aren’t on these forums. Some are, cos they want to help or like to experiment with doses, frequency, etc. and are looking for advice.

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What are your lab ranges?

Short answer, fuck no. TRT has relatively sucked after a stellar unbelievable Honeymoon. I’d go off it, but my T was so low to begin with I’m honestly afraid to see what happens when I add long term exogenous hormone use on top of naturally low test.

TRT sucks. I’d quit if it didn’t mean a living hell recovery

How long do we consider a “honeymoon phase”. Ive been on since 1st September last year.

Felt AMAZING for 2 weeks.

I now feel better than before. But nothing like those 2 weeks!

I’m struggling with 1 symptom- gyno, and all the “don’t take an ai” advice has kept me away from one.

But… I’m getting a lot of symptom resolution and its definitely helping- but I’m growing tits.

I’d like to take an ai to try but all the advice is don’t. Well confused!

thank you for the feedback. Right now its super early as its just been a few injections for me. I really don’t expect to feel anything major until I have reached some sort of steady state. Given the daily 15 mg SQ injections that might take about 3-4 weeks just to get to a steady state. I did however notice the great sleep, harder erections, and better orgasms with just the first few injections- and I really don’t feel this is a placebo effect.

I also suppose you guys are right. People who are doing well probably won’t find a forum such as this one. I have my sperm frozen and wanted to keep things as simple as possible which is why I just wanted to run 100 mg SQ test cyp alone.

I’m on the fence about it. I’m 10 months in, still have acne, blood pressure is up, libido is pretty unchanged, but my confidence and overall feeling of well-being is the best it ever has been. I love how I feel, I just wish I didn’t have the issues I’m experiencing.

@aaronca where ya been man?

I’m happy with it. I wanted a legal prescription, to blast and cruise.

I was at 554 (ref range 264-916) when I got on. No symptoms.

I wanted it to maintain those levels while I cut with a big deficit.

I am cutting to run my first cycle. 40 lbs to go.

What’s up man?! Shit, been busy as all hell juggling several new endeavors! Still dealing with that lingering brachial plexus nerve pain too which has had me less than thrilled. How have you been man? Hope all is going well!

Cypionate will take about 5 weeks IM. Some suggest that injecting SQ slows the absorption down, so you may be looking longer, 6-7 weeks when you’re at peak, steady levels.

Edit: this isn’t to say you won’t feel any benefits until then

My honeymoon lasted a few months. It was awesome. And now…blah

What do you guys think happened? I’m about to start TRT but now I don’t feel certain

I was happy with it the whole time. Every possible combination of doses and schedules was superior to pre-trt life. It saddens me to see so many guys not have that experience because for me it was life-changing.


Was? Have you since stopped iron?

Its a no hassle situation for me. Its life giving and better than no TRT.
Some of the problems during TRT are not TRT related.

I stopped using testosterone and have instead chosen a superior hormone for trt.

Interesting read! I’ll continue following along. Always love your research! Haha.

I’m not sure that I experienced a honeymoon per se. Before trt, my symptoms were horrible. For 7 years, I was on what I would call a sub optimal protocol. And with that protocol, I felt a million times better than before being on trt. For the last year, my protocol has been much better. I’ve dropped the AI, and switched from E3.5 day injections, to EOD. Dropping the AI has eliminated my horrible foot and ankle pain that I suffered through the last few years.

Knowing what I know now, I’d have one recommendation to anyone who is open enough to listen. Don’t waste 7 years on a shitty protocol. Nevermind, I can’t seem to recommend the one person here who helped change my protocol, because it seems he’s been banned.

Oh well. I guess you’ll have to suffer with your shitty, sub optimal protocols.