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After 'Grow Ectomorph Grow'?


Afternoon all

Just a quick question. I read the Grow Ectomorph Grow article a while back and since i started it I have seen good constant gains.

I am looking to mix things up a little because I don't want to plateau or get bored.

Any former/current long limbed fellas got any tips for the next phase after the workout?

Ive posted the link below in-case this is totally alien to you guys.


Thanks in advance


First of all, getting bored is not a serious threat. As long as you get result that should entertain you. Second - running into a plateau is not the end of the world. I generally find that I need to change things if I haven't seen any progress for four straight weeks.

Bottom line: Stick to it for a bit longer.

Here's what I'm able to comment on...

Muscle Gaining Secrets: works fine up to a point. It takes some experience to make split squats effective (since you must not make them about lifting AMAP - that will just lead you to cheat).

Stronglifts 5x5: works for a while. My knees hate me if I squat 3x/week. And I mean in the "we'll stop working if you do this" way.

Mass Made Simple: like a charm. But you need to devote your life to it for six weeks and it will be uncomfortable.

Westside for skinny bastards: good strength gains, somehow I found it hard to gain mass. Maybe that was a diet issue though; I'm always amazed at how much I can eat without moving the scale.


How long were you on the program, how much bodyweight have you gained, and how has your strength improved?

Not calling you out at all, just curious about what "good, constant gains" translates to.

Premature program-hopping is one of the biggest causes of slow overall progress. If you're seeing progress, nevermind constant progress, stick with it until things at least slow down.

That said, since you've basically been training each "bodypart" once a week with almost-only compound movements, something significantly different would be a new/unique stimulus. Either of these would be a good choice:

Or a more traditional bodybuilding split, so every bodypart will get some attention:


Listen to this man. You need to quantify your strength gains if you want accurate feedback, and well...he basically said it all concisely.


Thanks for the help guys.

Lifts have basically shot up a lot more rapid in the past 4 weeks than they have previously.

Squat for example, prev would have been 90kg on 5x5, now on 110 for 5.

Gains wise, to be honest ive just noticed an improvement. Maybe measurements would have been better. Ive noticed my waist line getting thinner and my overall shape is broadening. Ill take some measurements today after work and see

I appreciate all the feedback chaps. I will take it all on board


So basically your problem is that you're making big strength gains, putting on muscle and losing bodyfat, all at the same time.