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After Forced Layoff Looking to Bulk

Ok my stats(skinny as phuc unfortunately) 5 foot 11-6foot waist 28.5inches weight 144

Macros - 90F, 250p(I love protein…is this too high for someone like me though) and rest carbs at 2.6k per day average a week(calculated with benedict harris formula and factor of 1.4)

2 20 minute jogs per week(heart health), hour of yoga and 3 days Full body work. html - gonna follow that to the T

I’m sedentary besides my workouts(desk job) and a student(so little walking around campus). Seem like a good starting point or should I just dirty bulk based on my photos? Thanks for any input.

esp note DeFranco’s advice…

Desired weight = DW

DW*.5 = Fat intake
DW1.5 = Protein intake
2 = Carb intake

^This^ is where you start, from here you add food to bulk.

Lets use 180 as an example weight:
180*.5 = 90 (810 cals) (your good here)
1801.5= 270 (1080 cals)(you are also pretty close here)
2 = 360 (1440 cals) (This is going to be important)

Your total = 2600
My Total = 3330
Difference = -730

Now obviously this equation depends on your desired weight. If you were shooting for a lower weight like 150 you would still get mediocre results with 2600 calories since using the same equation it takes 2,775 calories to hit that mark.