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After First Cycle


Well I"m about a week after my last pinn of my first cycle. My power is good love it my weight is only up 10 lbs. I tried to put tran in my cycle but it didn't work out so hot sice my vile spilled when I was away from land. I didn't have any sides other then the increased sex drive and well that's to be expected. And this last week or to I've had a few pimples pop up. -The wife pops them. I think she just likes to make me suffer.-

I did a 10 week cycle 500mg of test e a week. What do you think for a cycle. I was thinking of maybe trying the same cycle with the tran but doing 2.5 ML test a week with 2 ml of tran at 200mg for ml of tran. But the late nights didn't help out at all when I have to work. I got along just fine but I do enjoy my sleep to.