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After 'Fasted Way to Get Jacked'?

Dear coach

I’ve just ran this program for nearly 4 weeks - will be 4 by Saturday (for the second time this calendar year) I ran it exactly as written with plenty of clean cals + splitting each session into 2, one early AM and on PM. I found a rest day (Sunday) as a ‘growth day’ was highly beneficial.

  • Amazing results again, especially in regards to quad and shoulder/trap size and general body comp, given the amount of food I was pounding.

I just began to feel fatigued today and wonder should I?

  • Power through another week making it 5 weeks total

  • Have a week of explosive strength-skill and sled work (4 days training) before moving into another program (I usually do a program for 4-6 weeks and then get bored - 2B I think?)

I’ve been doing two 24 hour fasts per week with great success, as I can go long periods without food, but paradoxically can also pack away some serious calories which is helpful the day after the fast when I often train twice and do tons of volume.

I’m nearly 42, have visible abs (now) and have been having TRT for 16 months and feeling great.

Thanks as always for your advice and insight

Moog (Mike)

I would actually recommend 1-2 weeks of “The Best Damn Workout for Natural Lifters”

Gotcha, thank you coach