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After Effect from Food Poisoning


I had a rough dose of food poisoning last Sunday, was my first time but after trolling through the internet it was a pretty standard case. By the end of the day I'd stopped puking and was just in some pain.

Since then though I thought I was back to normal, but yesterday morning I couldn't finish my eggs breakfast and ended up throwing all the eggs left in the fridge away as the thought of them made me heave... (btw it was from a chicken curry the poisoning not egg), also everything I've ate over the last 24-48 hours hasn't gone down well and it's pretty much only soup right now I can stomach the thought of.

I went back to the gym Tuesday/Wednesday and was ok, but today I'm skipping it due to the fact I don't feel I can eat anything let alone all the foods I need.

Is this a normal after effect of food poisoning? Is there anything I can/should be doing to help my stomach here or is it more in my mind?


Every time I've had food poisoning, it's never really lasted more than 24 hours, and the aftereffects were not much more than some dehyration. I'm certainly no medical doctor, but I don't think you should be feeling this 5 days later from a little bout of bad eats.



I've had horrendous cases of food poisoning that have rivaled the flu in severity. Typically, 24 to 36 hours of it coming out of both ends, shivering, sweats, muscle soreness, and all-encompassing fatigue followed by 3-4 days of just not feeling right.

I wouldn't worry about it, but take in plenty of liquids.