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After Drinking

I remember reading an article that JB’s brother wrote about surving college as a “bodybuilder.” Anyways, he recommended using Androsol after drinking to keep test levels high. Seeing how Androsol is no longer made, does anyone think that Tribex would work? How about 4-ad? Or would it be best to just get your nutrition and excersise back in line the next day?


Good question…

From a nutritional standpoint, I remember reading that “dietary fat is the most anabolic ‘supplement’ that you can take.” So perhaps after the night in question, it would be most beneficial to raise your fat inake, and add more saturates and cholesterol. Would doing so have an immediate affect on T-levels, or would it take days to see any difference?

Also, would an added HIIT session be beneficial to help shuttle nutrients appropriately and return protein synthesis to a more normal level?

vitamin-c to hydrate your brain, and lots of water, a nice p+f before bed would not be a bad idea either

I have allegedly used Clomid post drinking to boost T levels.

Pedialyte, B vitamins, zantac = much less hung over Sully.

Another tactic, don’t drink shit beer. The unfermentable portions of many American beers (corn, etc.) cause the very nasty hangovers.